For 70 years, in July, Avignon has been preparing itself to welcome one of the main summer festivals in Europe, and the most famous and oldest in France. Moreover, Avignon is a charming, beautiful and historical town, which will captivate you at first sight. With our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains, it is very easy and practical to go there to enjoy a wonderful performance, in the town and on the way too. 

How was born the Festival

The Festival of Avignon was created by Jean Vilar in 1947. 

Jean Vilar was invited to present his first successful work – The murder in the cathedral by T.S. Eliot in the Palace of the Popes. At the same moment, in the same place, an exhibition of contemporary paintings and sculptures was organised by Christian Zervos, art critic, and collector, and by René Char, poet. 

Vilar first declined the invitation and lost the representation rights of the work he had to make. However, he proposed three creations, two of them had been created by not much famous authors. This way, he turned the scene into a showcase for unknown works and modern scenarios

The actual edition 

Posters of the shows in the town

The 71st edition of the Festival of Avignon takes place from the July 6th to the July 26th. More than 40 different theatre, music and contemporary dance shows will invade the streets of the town turning it into an authentic celebration. 

The intention of the festival is to present new and ingenious artists who can play for everybody. 

The stages​

The Palace of the Popes in Avignon

During all the festival, there are more than 20 different stages, thought for each kind of show, small rooms, chapels of more than 100 villages, and even an extraordinary stage located in the Honour Courtyard of the Palace of the Popes with 2000 places, and the incredible FabricA, a new theatre thought by and for the festival! 


You can find the complete list of the shows clicking on this link and you will find there classical theatre plays, contemporary theatre plays, dance shows, guided visits in the town and many exhibitions of artists

Definitely Avign​on is a good place to enjoy a town with many kinds of art, culture and history during three weeks! And you can go there very fast: it’s at just three hours and a half from Barcelona thanks to our high speed trains. 

Could it be better? 

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