​​Taking a train route along the Costa Brava is a great idea for a family plan, a holiday with friends or to disconnect if you prefer to travel alone. Now with the Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains the Costa Brava is closer than ever. You can travel to Girona in just 40 minutes from Barcelona and start from there a beautiful route along the Costa Brava.

Begin your train route at Girona

Girona is the first stop of this route by train along the Costa Brava. The super fast and comfortable Renfe-SNCF en Coopération trains bring you here in less than 40 minutes from Barcelona. Do not miss the opportunity to explore this beautiful city. Girona is strategically located between the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava. This allows the visitor to do all kinds of day trips to the sea and the mountains. And all this while enjoying the impressive medieval historical quarter of the city and the famous Catalan gastronomy. Some of the essential visits in Girona are the Cathedral of Girona, the Arab Baths, or the Basilica of San Felix.

Llafranc: the perfect blend of tradition and modernity

 A boat on the Llafranc bay.

The train route along the Costa Brava takes us to Llafranc. This little town is the perfect blend between traditional feeling and modern evolution. For 50 years, it has been the favorite destination of many tourists, both locals and foreigners. This is due not only to the white sand of its beaches. Here you can also find a lively nightlife perfectly blended with traditional elements such as the Santa Rosa de la Lima Church and the wine press from the time of the Romans. And if you travel a little further north, you will find the lighthouse of San Sebastià, the chapel that accompanies it, and a village of the Iberian era completely restored.

Fall in love with Calella de Palafrugell

The next stop on this train route is Calella de Palafrugell. If you are looking for a magical corner, full of history and tranquility and crowned by paradisiacal beaches, Calella de Palafrugell is the perfect place for you. This town retains its spirit as a fishing village, with single-story houses and friendly and welcoming people. But Calella de Palafrugell is also prepared to welcome the visitor. It has a good variety of typical food restaurants and hotels that do not clash with the surrounding landscape. In addition, every summer the musical festival Cap Roig is celebrated, which has featured artists like Bob Dylan or Elton John.

Take a break at Tamariu

The wild beaches of Tamariu

Tamariu is the perfect place to rest during this train route along the Costa Brava. Water and sea lovers will not want to leave here. In Tamariu you will find immaculate beaches, without buildings or street vendors, hidden coves and perfect places for the practice of swimming and diving. Rent your diving equipment in Tamariu and enjoy the wild nature in its purest state without having to travel very far. The Els Liris cove, the Aigua Dolça cove and the Aigua Xelida cove are some of the corners that you can not miss.

Medieval watchtowers and Colonial mansions at Begur

A narrow street in the town of Begur

The last stop on this train route along the Costa Brava is Begur. This small town surprises all its visitors by the variety of styles and traditions that are mixed here to form a beautiful picture. Begur has existed since the time of prehistory, but its medieval watchtowers are the first thing you will find and its most characteristic element. The historical center deserves a visit to observe how the city evolved from the Middle Ages to the Arab architecture. Here, too, the colonial-style mansions of the 19th century stand out. The inhabitants of Begur were great merchants and they emigrated to Cuba. From there they brought the Caribbean architectural style and tradition of the Fira d'Indians, a festival celebrated every September.


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  • Dennis Marsden 31/03/2017 10:32:54
    Excellent for next year , BUT any plans or trips for Andalucia which we want to do this year ?
  • Renfe-SNCF en Coopération 31/03/2017 12:25:03
    Good morning Dennis, we can suggest you to go to Sevilla where there is a lot to do and monuments to see. Take a look at this beautiful city in the following link : https://www.renfe-sncf.com/rw-en/where-can-we-take-you/destinations/Pages/sevilla.aspx. Have a good day. Thank you.
  • Alexandra 14/05/2017 09:40:06
    This advertising implies train stations at Llafranc, Begur etc. Are there train stations? I was just there and did not see train route. We had to take long journey bus or taxi from Girona. Please tell me more about this train line joining these towns and how to get info.
  • Renfe-SNCF en Coopération 15/05/2017 10:19:34
    Good Morning Alexandra, Renfe-SNCF en Coopération has train stations in Girona and Figueras. Then, you have to take another mode of transport to go to these gorgeous cities. For more informations about these cities you can look on the website of the tourist office. Thank you for your interest !
  • David Moore 16/07/2018 22:49:34
    hello can I get to Malgrat De Mar if I land at Barcelona Airport at 22:15. I will be in a group of 6 adults and 1 baby. I dont want to get stuck in the airport or in Barcelona.
  • Renfe-SNCF en Coopération 17/07/2018 15:17:48
    Hello David, we invite you to have a look on the Renfe website to check the timetable of the trains: http://www.renfe.com/viajeros/cercanias/barcelona/. Unfortunately, we are afraid that, because of the hour you arrive, you won´t be able to catch the last train of the day. If you truely want to go to Malgrat de Mar the day you arrive, we invite you to look for another way from the airport. Thank you for your interest!
  • Sally 22/09/2018 09:05:46
    What about Park and Ride stops? What is the closest place to park and ride the train to Barcelona from North towards Girona? Thanks
  • Renfe-SNCF en Coopération 25/09/2018 10:32:34
    Hello Sally, you will find all the information you are looking for on the website https://www.aparcamentsbsm.cat/en/park-at-the-best-price/our-parking-solutions/parkride/. We wish you a pleasant trip on board the Renfe-SNCF trains in Cooperation.
  • Kristina 23/01/2019 15:46:50
    I would like to travel by train from Barcelona to Costa Brava, in your page it shows "Girona" is the train station into Costa Brava. But I don't see the destination selection "Girona", could you please help? thank you.
  • Renfe-SNCF en Coopération 25/01/2019 09:49:53
    Hello Kristina, indeed, to go to Costa Brava, you have to go to Girona or Figueres. Normally, you can find it when you look it up in our train engine. You have to choose first one of our French destinations and then you will be able to choose Girona or Figueres. Or you can directly go to one of your distributor website, where you may be able to go to Girona of Figueres in train from anywhere with some transfers. You can find our distributors here: https://www.renfe-sncf.com/rw-en/prepare-your-trip/before-travelling/Pages/booking-tickets.aspx Hope we will see you in one of our trains!
  • Michael 15/08/2019 23:07:41
    I would like to go to each of these Costa Brava towns and have been looking for ways to do that but you give no information about how to get there. Only to say take Renfe to Girona or Figures and then you are on your own. There are no trains between these towns and you give no bus service information. I want to do this trip 3 weeks from now in early September without a car. Can you provide bus information?
  • Renfe-SNCF en Coopération 19/08/2019 10:38:19
    Good morning Michael, we are in charge of the international high-speed trains between France and Spain. That is why we only talk to you about how to get there. For any information about this part, we invite you to go on our webpage: https://www.renfe-sncf.com/rw-en/where-can-we-take-you/destinations/Pages/costa-brava.aspx And for any information about how to wander on the Costa Brava, we suggest you to have a look on the tourist webpage of the region: https://en.costabrava.org/ Thank you for your comprehension and see you soon on one of our trains.

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