France. A name that conjures up images of fine foods. While it is well-known for its cuisine it is equally blessed with exquisite desserts. And we are not only talking about the wonderful pastries, but also amazing cakes and pies. Feel like bringing some sweetness into your life? Let us take you on a journey of sugary delight in one of our comfortable Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains and entice you to succumb to some guilty pleasures.


The Dacquoise

Named after its birth city Dax, in southern France, this cake is made with perfumed buttercream placed between two or three almond whipped sponge discs and sprinkled with icing sugar. There is also a variation that includes chocolate, called Marjolaine. These are light, simple, different, and absolutely delicious.

The Strawberry Charlotte

 A real pleasure for the five senses

Can you believe this typical French cake originated in England? Indeed, the ancestor of what we know now as the Charlotte was named after Queen Charlotte, wife of George The Third. It was Antonin Carême, the founder of the modern French patisserie, who transformed it into what we know today. The traditional recipe is made with sugar, strawberry liqueur, strawberries, lemon, liquid cream, ice, gelatine and, last but not least, the famous ladyfingers. You may find variations with raspberries or mixed berries and some versions also include mascarpone cheese. We definitely cannot resist this incredible cake. 

The Saint Honoré Pie

​This delicious pie, named in honour of the bakers’ patron saint, is comprised of profiteroles placed in a circle and is made with choux batter and whipped cream. A must, especially if you travel to Paris or to the north of the country.


The Fiadone

A cheesecake that you will find in Corsica with no downsides. It is made of brocciu cheese, sugar, lemon or orange zest, eggs and a local liqueur. It is prepared in circular or rectangular moulds, then cooked in an oven and served cold. We recommend a glass of crisp white wine to accompany this delicious dessert.

The Yule Log

 Its recipe and design may vary, but its flavour is always delicious

Christmas in France is not Christmas without having this typical and famous dessert that has crossed international borders. Filled with chocolate buttercream and looking like tree bark, this frosted rolled and filled sponge cake may be decorated with many different pieces made of chocolate or marzipan. Nowadays, you may find them flavoured with coffee, lemon, tiramisu, matcha tea, cherries, and anything else that evokes the season of goodwill.

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