​If France and Spain have something in common, it is their passion for gastronomy. Both countries export many recipes and the desserts are no exception. But, because there is nothing like savouring them in their place of origin, Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation takes you so that you can enjoy the best desserts.
If you don’t know what dessert to order, here is a list of the most typical ones in France and in Spain. Good Appétit!

Rice with milk

Rice with milk cup with some cinnamon

One of the most typical desserts in all the country, and also in most Latin-American countries. There are as many different recipes as inhabitants but one of the most traditional is boiling together cold milk, rice, white sugar, cinnamon and lemon zest. You cook everything, moving frequently so that the rice does not stick, and when the rice is tender, you remove the mixture. It can be served cold or warm, with a branch of cinnamon or lemon zest to decorate.

Catalan cream

Catalan cream with his typical burnt sugar on top

Typical dessert in Catalonia and in the south of France. The legend says that it was invented in the 18th century, when a bishop went to visit a convent. The nuns wanted to cook crème caramel but it was too fluid. To save the dessert, the burnt sugar on top of it and served it. When he ate the sugar, the bishop exclaimed: “Crema” (it burns in catalan), and the name would come from that. It is typical to eat it for Saint Joseph, on March 19th. It is custard made with eggs and covered with caramelized sugar, although many people prefer it without being burnt.

Chocolate with churros

Churros with chocolate

One of the typical breakfasts or afternoon snacks are the delicious churros with chocolate. Although you can eat it in all the Spanish territory, it is a typical tradition of Madrid, which dates back to the 19th century and may have its origin in the mobile festivals. It is served with very hot dark chocolate and these fried sweets, which together with the bitterness of the chocolate, fit perfectly.

Santiago pie

Santiago pie with sugar on top

Although we don’t know its origin, this almond pie is one of the most typical desserts of the Spanish gastronomy. You mix almonds with eggs and sugar in equal proportions, you add butter and you bake it for 45 minutes. For the decoration, you sprinkle icing sugar. Most of these pies show the Santiago Cross on the top; this tradition comes from a cake shop in Santiago, the “Casa Mora”, and this decoration was so successful that it still remains.


Assortment of macarons

Although its origin is Italian, its fame comes from the pastry chef of the French court in the 16th century. However, it was only in the 19th century that they got their present shape, with 2 biscuits joined by a cream named ganache. The famous pastry shop in Paris Ladurée gave them the different colours to distinguish the flavours, in the middle of the 20th century.


Two variants of the typical French coulant

One of the most international French desserts is undoubtedly the coulant. Registered in 1981 by the chef Michel Bras, it is a chocolate sponge cake with a fondant inside. When you open it, the chocolate spreads in the plate. This effect is given cooling the coolant before its final baking.


Typical french Éclairs

These sweet pastries are made with the same dough as the Spanish lionesas, but are fried instead of being baked in an oven. They are similar to the Spanish buñuelos but they are filled with cream and have a lengthened form instead of a round one. It is believed that its origin comes from a famous pastry chef of the French court in the 19th century. Its name éclair (lightning in French) is due to the way it shines when the pastry is glazed with sugar.


Sweet or salty, Crepes are always delicious

The crepes are the European version of the classic pancakes. Originally from the French Britain, they are especially savoured for the Candlemas. There are generally 2 types of crepes: the ones made with wheat flour, used for the sweet crepes, and the ones prepared with saracen wheat flour for the salted crepes. The crepes can be filled with as many things as you want, so taste the one you feel like and surprise us with a new variety!

Sweet, salted, soft, filled,… there are so many desserts that we prefer to let you choose. Just like the destinations of our high speed trains: you decide!

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