​​"The important thing is to participate”. No need to be a great sportsman if you want to participate by encouraging athletes! 

Every year, the Mediterranean Games are held and this year, Tarragona was elected to welcome the latter. Get ready to attend this sporting event that will take place from June 22nd to July 1st 2018

The first thing you need to do is to book your Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation tickets so that you can enjoy a few relaxing days as soon as you get on board the train.

The XVIIIth Mediterranean Games​

The Mediterranean Tarragona ​2018 Games will count on the participation of athletes from 26 National Olympic Committees from three continents bordering the Mediterranean: Africa (5), Asia (2) and Europe (19).

These Games are characterized by their attachment to the territory, however equally by the compromise of contributing to the region’s development. In fact, this great sporting event promotes the social, economic and cultural development of the territory that welcomes such. The 2018 Mediterranean Games will highlight innovative projects in the region for such an occasion.

The Mediterranean Ring of Camplar, in the heart of the Games, will be renovated for the occasion with the construction of three new facilities, in addition to the existing sports facilities in the area. A 50-meter outdoor pool built upon the existing 25-meter pool will host several water sports. All cities that welcome athletes and spectators have everything planned in order for everyone to feel as welcome as possible during this event - all while seeking to preserve the environment.

Some remains of the city of Tarragona​

Sports above all, but so much more...​

The competition will start on June 22nd. During 10 days, the spectators will be capable of attending the competitions of 33 sporting disciplines as well as to follow the best sportsmen of the Mediterranean within the 16 places of competition throughout the region, an opportunity to discover, or rediscover, the most beautiful places of Catalonia... Travel towards for Altafulla, Calafell, Cambrils, Castelldefels, El Morell... and lose yourself within the alleys of these charming little villages between two competitions.

Everyone will find something that interests them, with the 33 disciplines that are diverse and varied, enough to satisfy all preferences: athletics, rowing, badminton, basketball, boxing, canoeing, cycling, horseback riding, fencing, football, golf, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, weightlifting, handball, judo, wrestling, karate, water skiing, swimming, lawn-bowling, boccia balls and Lyon balls (yes, the latter three are sports!), taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, olympic shooting, archery, triathlon, sailing, indoor and beach volleyball as well as water polo.

Some pictures ​of the city of Tarragona​

Important dates to remember

The games’ opening ceremony will take place on June 22nd 2018 at Nou Estadi in Tarragona.

33 sports, 4,000 athletes of 25 different nationalities, 1,000 international judges, 1,000 journalists, 3,500 volunteers and more than 150,000 spectators will take part in this incredible event.

Between these two latter ceremonies, sports! You will find the details of the program on​.

When it’s time to leave, after so much sporting, nothing better than to sit comfortably in a Renfe-SNCF chair in Cooperation and to be guided directly home. The only thing you have to think about is your next destination...​

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