​​​There are many cities where music is their most important essence and where visitors feel the music as soon as they arrive. Whether looking for the typical pop concert or an orchestra, in Barcelona, Madrid and Paris you can find the music your heart desires. Here, you have a guide to some of the most popular places in each city so you can take advantage of each visit. How to get to each of these cities is very easy – get a Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train which will take you in style and comfort to the city of your choice.  


​Barcelona is a city famous for music in general and where live music can be found any day of the week. From small back street bars to huge concert halls, from local music to international pop, Barcelona has a bit of every genre.   

Luz de Gas is a concert hall and a disco all in one, so it a great place to spend the entire evening until the early hours. The concerts are really diverse and you can find anything from local music to international pop. Some of the most popular concerts are the 80s and 90s throwback bands which always sell out the 250/300 tickets available.  ​

Razzmatazz is also an all-in-one concert hall and disco but the difference is that it has various floors and on each floor, there is a different genre of music. The main focus is Indie and Rock but once you get through the door, you can visit all the floors and dance the night and early morning away.  

 Luz de Gas (left) and Razzmatazz (right) are two of the most famous concert halls in the city - images from their Facebook pages 


For many years, Madrid was not very well-known for being a music capital but in the recent years, after many new music venues started opening, it has become more and more popular with music fans of all genres.   

WiZink Center is one of the largest live music venues in Madrid and hosts concerts for the biggest and latest stars of any taste. It holds a massive 15,000 people and its architectural status stands out for all to see. You will have to book tickets in advance as they sell out fast. 

 The WiZink center looks like a great sports stadium, which has hosted large musical groups from all over the world - images from their facebook page 

Honky Tonk – the name says it all! Anyone who knows anything about Rock will know what type of music is played here just from the name. This is a smaller but friendly venue where bands play the much loved classics as well as the latest hits in rock music. The great thing about this venue, apart from it being very affordable, is that it is also a disco so you can dance until 5.30am. 

PARIS  ​​​​

Paris is not renowned for music as most people only think of the amazing monuments the city hosts. However, Paris has many live music venues packed with talented musicians. Even though Jazz is known for being the focus of the city, you can also find many other types of music.  

Caveau de la Huchette is definitely the best-known music bar in the city and it is a place where you should not expect to be a passive watcher. This jazz bar is very popular among music fans who come dressed in costumes from past times ready for a good boogie! Even the bar itself gives you the feeling that you have walked into the past!  

 With a decoration inspired by the twenties, you will enjoy jazz music and a unique atmosphere - images from their Facebook page 

L'Alimentation Générale is a special place that does not focus on any one type of music – any genre of music can be heard here. From techno and dance DJs to pop and Balkan bands, everything and anything goes in this friendly chilled bar. 

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