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If you're the kind of person who's already thinking about where to have dinner while having a coffee overlooking the Mediterranean, how about this for an idea: an evening stroll along the Seine to check out the city of lights. Or the other way around: nothing like starting the day with a petit déjeuner in a café near the Eiffel Tower and ending it with some tapas in Barcelona.

​​Travelling from France to Spain and from one city to the other has never been so easy, and with the High Speed train, never so comfortable:

  • We'll take you from one city centre to the other. Forget about taxis and transfers.
  • You can bring up to 3 suitcases free of charge and have them handy at all times. 
  • No hours spent waiting. You can board up to two minutes before the train departs.
  • Enjoy a journey where relaxing is everything: comfort, entertainment and on-board services.

Enjoy two cosmopolitan destinations renowned for their culture, style and dynamism in one single trip.

As you can see, being here is no excuse for not being there.

Where do you want to go?​

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