In the context of​​​ the Covid-19 epidemic and following government guidelines, we have implemented sanitary measures at stations and on board to allow you to travel peacefully.


1. Requirements for entering France:

​All persons over the age of 12​ from Spain arriving in France by land, must comply one of the following list of certificates:

  • Vaccination certificate: Have received vaccines recognised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).
  • ​Negative diagnostic test: Valid certified, if the sample has been taken within 72​ hours for TAAN tests (nucleic acid amplification test, for example: RT-PCR, RT-LAMP, TMA) or 48​ hours for TRA tests (rapid antigenic test) prior to arrival in France​. ​
  • Antigenic or negative RT-PCR test sho​wing recovery of Covid-19, at least 11 days and less than 6 months.

 This obligation shall not apply in the following cases: 

  • Movement of residents of border basins within a radius of 30 km around their domicile, for a period of less than 24 hours. ​
  • Professional travel of an urgency and frequency that make it incompatible with testing. 

Persons wishing to take advantage of these exemptions must have a document justifying the reason for their journey. 

In addition, travellers coming from a European country but who have spent the 30 days prior to their arrival in a country outside Europe must fill in and submit a certificate of travel for imperative reasons, available at interieur.gouv.fr.

For more information, please see the link to the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

2. Requirements for entering Spain:  

Passengers arriving in Spain from countries belonging to the European Union or Schengen partner countries will NOT be required to present a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or a diagnostic test of infection.

For more information, please see this link to: Ministry of Health​

​Failure to comply with the contents herein shall be subject to the penalties and sanctions contained in Title VI of Law 33/2011, of 4 October, General Law on Public Health. 


All our customers are reminded that according to the General Conditions of Carriage for Rail Passengers (GCC-CIV/PRR), passengers must observe the administrative processes required by each State to travel in its territory. Any passengers who fail to comply with these conditions may be denied access to the train or have their journey interrupted by on-board police checks, without being entitled to a full refund of their ticket. T​he cancellation conditions corresponding to the fare purchased shall be applied. 


Check out the official recommendations in the links below:

⦁ Recommendations for entering France


Renfe-SNCF en Coopération (the Renfe-SNCF Partnership) is currently developing a transport plan adapted to the measures taken by public authorities within the context of fighting again​​​​st the spread of COVID-19.

In order to enable you to travel in full safety, Renfe-SNCF en Coopération has continued to implement extraordinary and strengthened sanitary measures in stations and on-board trains in accordance with governmental directives.​

About the mask​​

 As of Monday, May 16, 2022, the use of the mask on trains is no longer mandatory in France. However, it is still recommended, particularly for the at-risk population.​

⦁ However, the use of the mask on board trains is still mandatory on the route that runs  through Spain, its use in the station is also recommended.


Offering the opportunity to wash your hands

⦁ Both in the station and in all our sales spaces, there is hydroalcoholic gel available to our employees and customers.

⦁ On board, supplies of water and soap in the toilets are checked regularly by the train managerIn case of temporary shortage, hydroalcoholic gel is available to our clients.​​

Thorough cleaning of our trains

 On board, a full disinfection procedure (fumigation) is initiated in the event of suspected infection.

 Cleaning has been intensified and contact surfaces are disinfected with a virucide product:

  • WC: flushes, taps and door handles
  • Passenger areas
  • Inter​​nal and external doors and buttons
  • Tablets
  • Passenger tables

​​ Air ventilation onboard TGV trains is renewed every 6 minutes and is mainly supplied from outside air, which has been filtered first.

Health measures: protecting yourself and others 

Please help us e​​nsure the safety of everyone
and fight the spread of the COVID-1​9 virus. Adhere to the following measures:



To ensure passenger safety, the SNCF is adjusting foot traffic movement in stations as well as boarding procedures on trains:

Ground markings to support physical distancing in waiting areas, under the main train information display screens, in front of self-service terminals, on escalators, and on platforms. Rope barriers for lines have also been installed in front of ticket windows and shops.

Signs and loudspeaker reminder announcements about distancing and protective measures.

Increased cleaning and disinfection of stations and trains

​Considerations to take into account in Spanish train stations

With the aim of avoiding physical contact and large crowds, we have established new measures to facilitate the flow of passengers​:

Boarding areas can only be accessed within 40 minutes prior to a train’s departure. You can wait in the station’s hall if you arrive earlier.

We will move 40 minutes the boarding process time up (check-in) and it will close 2​ minutes prior to a train’s departure.

Boarding will be done in an orderly fashion, with priority access for the elderly, families, people travelling with children or baby buggies, and individuals with reduced mobility. With these measures, you will have more time to board your train, you can go through the process in an orderly fashion, and we can prevent large crowds from gathering and comply with social distancing.

Physical distancing will be guaranteed through signage or ground markings and loudspeaker reminder announcements.


⦁ ​​Catering services on board the Renfe-SNCF trains in Cooperation will be offered during the entire route. 


To avoid waiting at the station, we recommend that passengers give preference to online ticket purchasing on the Renfe-SNCF e​n​ Coo​pération website.

All together to ​fight COVID-19​