​PlayRenfe: Access Instructions​ 

​You have two access methods:


OPTION 1: the PlayRenfe App

1) Go to Settings/Wi-Fi on your device and connect to the PlayRenfe network.

​ Download the app from the 
App Store​ or Google Play.


OPTION 2:  PlayRenfe Wi-Fi network

1) Go to Settings/Wi-Fi of your device and connect to the PlayRenfe network.

The PlayRenfe access screen will open automatically.

(If the screen does not open due to your device configuration, open your browser and it will take you to the identification screen).

2) Select the language you want to use to access, and click Next.

3) On the welcome screen, click on Access PlayRenfe

4) The following screen has two​​ access options. To use either of these two options you need to have a user account at www.renfe.com.

  • With email: Enter the same email address and password you used to register as a user at www.renfe.com. If you do not have a user profile, you must click on the REGISTER button and register to enjoy the service​.

  • With my +Renfe Card: Access using this method if you are a holder of a +Renfe loyalty card.


PlayRenfe portal contents


Once you connect to PlayRenfe, you have access to a large range of content and services*:

Audiovisual content: 

  • TV​: 24h TVE news channel

  • Movies: 40 new titles per month

  • Series: 9 series – 162 episodes per month

  • Children series: 4 series – 88 episodes per month

  • Programs and documentaries: 50 titles per month

  • Monthly update of all content 

*The majority of audio-visual content includes audio and subtitles in Spanish, French and English.



Access to internet, email and social networks

Information about services:

You can search for information related to your trip: transport, hotels, leisure activities, etc.


A bit of everything so everybody can enjoy their trip!



NOTICE: Renfe reserves the right to remove any comments or contributions​ that infringe upon personal respect and dignity, that are xenophobic, racist, pornographic, that demean youth or childhood, public order or safety, or that, in its view, are inadequate for publication. In all cases, Renfe will not be liable for the opinions entered by users in forums, chats or other communication media. Access to some audio-visual content services in streaming could be restricted.​

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