Le Wifi INOUI: Access Instructions

STEP 1: Network identification

1) Enable Wi-Fi connectivity on your computer or mobile device.

2) Select the _SNCF_WIFI_INOUI network.

3) Enter the following URL in yo​ur browser: www.wifi.sncf. 


STEP 2: Authentication and Access

1) On the welcome screen, you'll have different connection options depending on your ticket type.

  • WITH MY TICKET: Select this option if you have a SNCF ticket. On the next screen, you must enter your booking reference (6 letters).

  • HELP WITH THE CONNECTION: Select this option if you do not have a SNCF ticket and then follow the rest of the steps described below

Continuation of the process for passengers without a SNCF ticket:

2) On the first Help screen, click on Accept.

3) In the next screen, select the Foreign Ticket option.

4) Finally, Click on GO TO THE PORTAL to access the 'INOUI Le Wifi' portal. 




Contents in 'Le Wifi' portal

When connected, you have access to Internet, email and a range of services and activities.


Tracking your trip

You can track your trip in real time, seeing the location of the train in the map in addition to abundant information about your Internet connection and arrival details.



You also have access to a number of activities and games for all ages, for you​r entertainment during the trip.


Your destination

You will also have information about your destination to facilitate activity planning upon your arrival.



There is a bit of everything so that everybody can enjoy their trip! ​