​​​​Calculation methodology

The comparatives figures shown were taken from the EcoPassenger* calculator, which compares energy consumption, CO2 emissions and other environmental aspects for travel by aeroplane, car or train: 

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The commitment of Renfe-SNCF en Coopération to implementing sustainable measures in favour of the environment and to responsible tourism is clear: all the high-speed trains between France and Spain use renewable electrical energy with a low carbon footprint (every 100 km travelled by train avoids the emission of around 15 kg of CO2).

Travelling by train reduces greenhouse emissions by more than 10 times. In this way, a plane in route from Paris to Barcelona generates 120 kg more CO2 than the train.

*Source: Ecopassenger (Software/Datos: HAFAS 5.24.UIC-ECOCALCULATOR.4.7.2-20161117/5.24.UIC-ECOCALCULATOR.4.7.1.-20151106 - 2019 HaCon IngenieurgesellschaftmbH).