​Barcelona has always been known for being a cosmopolitan city open to the world and at the forefront of new trends. Last March, the City Council of Barcelona declared the city ‘veg friendly’ to encourage healthy and sustainable living. The truth is that more and more people choose a vegan lifestyle and, for this reason, the offer towards this market niche is multiplying. Currently there are some restaurants you cannot miss when travelling to Barcelona with the high-speed trains Renfe-SNCF en Coopération. We show them to you!

We are probably not wrong if we state that consumption habits of much of the population begin to change. Proof of this is the emergence of new concepts such as vegetarianism, referring to the diet that excludes any kind of meat: flexitarianism, which promotes reduced meat consumption; or veganism, which rejects the consumption of animal products.
People are more and more worried about their health care and more aware of climate change. Actually, the city council of the Catalan capital pointed out that by encouraging vegetarian and vegan culture they want to fight the overproduction of livestock products and unequal access to them. 

Whether you are vegan or not, we want to suggest some of the best ‘veg friendly’ places you cannot miss in Barcelona. Are you conscious of the huge quantity of tasty and nutritional dishes that can be prepared without using animal products? Be amazed in these five restaurants: 


 Courgette rolled ​and Pizzas ​- Dolce Pizza y los Veganos / Facebook

This restaurant specializes in pizza and Italian pasta hu​​ndred percent vegan. It currently has two restaurants, one located in the district of Gràcia and another near the Hospital de Sant Pau. You cannot miss its Bolognese sauce and its vegan mozzarella, either in pizza or pasta. Definitely a restaurant to repeat!


The Gopal, located in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, is a restaurant that offers a large quantity of vegan dishes made from products such as seitan, quinoa or tofu. It stands out for its variety of ‘veggie-burgers’ and its sausages and vegetable bites. In addition, it has a menu of about seven euros that suits all budgets! Who said eating cheap and healthy is not possible?


​Dining room and​ mini vegan pizza ​-  Flax & Kale / Facebook​

The Teresa Carles and the Flax & Kale are two of the reference vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. Its menu offers dishes suitable for vegans with a large component of innovation. Its aim is to encourage a healthy lifestyle through quality, tasty and sustainable food. The premises located in the city center have an extensive menu and a detox juices section. Whether or not you are vegan or vegetarian, you are going to love their dishes!


Located near the Arc de Triomf, the Enjoy Vegan is a small restaurant that offers a menu full of tasty and hundred percent vegan dishes. The perfect place to stop whilst visiting the neighborhood of El Born, one of the most modern and charm of Barcelona!


Salads - Vegetart Cuina Vegana / Facebook​​

It is a small shop located in the heart of Gràcia offering vegan takeaways. Its menu consists mostly of traditional dishes of the Catalan​ cuisine at very competitive prices (portions are between 1.5 and 3 euros). It may be one of the best options for those who do not eat animal products, have little time to cook and want to taste the typical​ Catalan cuisine.

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