​​​If you wish to have a little rest from your stressful and busy life, then, the Costa Brava is the ideal place to escape the daily routine. 

We recommend you to visit the Sant Ferran Castle on your next trip to Figueres, a location you can reach in only a few hours from your hometown. 

You just need to go to our website, book your ticket at Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, go to Catalonia and immerse yourself in its History and culture.

History of the castle

Some outisde views of the castle

The Sant Ferran Castle is located on a hill that overlooks the city. It dates back to the eighteenth century and its dimensions are especially stirring: it occupies an area of 32 hectares, its perimeter is more than 3 kilometres long and it can accommodate 4000 persons. The military engineer Juan Martín Zermeño ordered to build this castle that nowadays is the largest modern bastion in Europe.

Declared as a monument of cultural, historical and artistic interest, it is open to the public since July 1997 and guided tours to discover its particularities are offered. Its impressive dimensions, its sophisticated construction techniques and its excellent state of preservation will surprise you.

Visiting the Castle

Some views from the ​chemin de ronde

Visits are offered in two different and complementary tours: the first tour is in the interior and the second tour outside and in the underground. The tours are guided, and you will be able to discover secrets and stories of this exceptionally big fortress. 

The first guided tour takes about an hour and it has to be booked in advance. In case that this is not possible, you can also follow the indicated route, which only takes between 45 minutes and one hour. 

The outside and the underground tour of the Cathedral of Water include a visit of the underground galleries and the cisterns on board of small-motorized boats; the rest of the visit is done on off-road vehicles. This tour takes around one hour and a half. Do not forget to book it, since it is obligatory if you want to do this tour. Be aware that children that are younger than three years old are not accepted on board of the boats. 

You can also choose a tour called “Nostalgic Sant Ferran”, which allows you to reach the Cathedral from the water but does not include the visit of the galleries, the countermines and the cisterns. 


The bastion also offers guided tours in small groups, while free visits are not allowed. In its temporary exhibitions, elements of the Military Museum of Montjuïc de Barcelona are exposed. You will discover three themes: models of various forts of Catalonia, parts of the Quintana private collection of weapons and the Llovera collection with more than 11 000 military miniatures. The visit takes about an hour and a half and it has to be booked in advance.

After this spectacular visit of the fortress, which is surrounded by a Mediterranean environment, there is nothing better than to enjoy the flora and fauna of the region and to observe the bastion from further away. And don’t worry for your trip back home, just get comfortable on board of one of our trains and we will do the rest. ​​

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