​​As the cradle of some of the world's most exquisite wines, it is possible that the first landscape that comes to mind when thinking of France is that of charming villages dotted with extensive vineyards. Very probably, we will also associate this beautiful coun​try with snowy peaks, although also with impressionable beaches. But we could not forget the floral landscapes, especially in the south of France, which fill the eyes and the sense of smell of those lucky enough to attend any of the flower festivals that are held there. 

To soak up in such tremendous beauty, you simply need to get on one of our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains, which connect several Spanish cities with the main points of southern France such as Toulouse, Montpellier or Marseille.

1. Violet Festival (Toulouse)

The most representative flower of Toulouse is the violet, cultivated since the 19th century. For many decades, this colourful flower, with its delicate aroma, has had a close relationship with the city, which is why the Violet Festival takes place every February to pay tribute to it. Not in vain, 'la violette de Toulouse' is a registered trademark, and in the capital of the region of Occitania you can find an endless number of versions: perfumes, soaps, liquors, honeys, and so on. In February, violets bloom, so Toulouse changes its characteristic semblance of "pink city" for the violet thanks to various activities with this beautiful flower at the center.

2. The Battle of Flowers (Nice)

The detail and care of the decoration of the Carnival floats is magnificent

This Mediterranean city celebrates every February one of the most emblematic Carnivals of the country. One of the most eagerly awaited moments of this festivity is the Battle of Flowers, a parade whose floats are decorated with the most beautiful species you can imagine. There is no shortage of mimosas, as well as many other brightly coloured flowers that also adorn the costumes of the characters who take part in the parade and encourage those present. Pay attention! Because in the Battle of Flowers they don't throw candy, but bouquets.


3. Mimosa Festival (Côte d'Azur)

​A good part of the French Riviera becomes yellow. There are 130 kilometers and eight municipalities located between the cities of Marseille and Nice that receive the warm embrace of the mimosa flower. Specifically, there is a route that starts from the town of Bormes-les Mimosas and reaches Grasse, considered the world capital of perfume. In this journey, an essential stop is Mandelieu-La Napoule, a village that celebrates the Mimosa Festival in February. Floral parades, battles of flowers or the election of the Queen of Mimosa are some of its main attractions.

4. Lavender Festival (Provence)

 Traditional dresses, artisan products ... all Provence is turned over for festivity

The fields of lavender are one of the constants in the postcards of Provence, and not without reason! A good starting point to visit some of the flirtatious Provencal villages might well be Aix-en-Provence. From here, get ready to see how huge expanses of lavender form an authentic rainbow next to the yellow of the earth and the blue of the sky. The bes​t time to enjoy this visual spectacle is in the months of July and August, when many of the villages in the area celebrate the traditional lavender festivals with parades, traditional dances and a variety of markets.

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