Girona is a perfect place to enjoy nature in its purest state. There is a great variety of natural spots that you can visit both on your own and with family and friends. Traveling to Girona and enjoying nature is now easier than ever with the Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high-speed trains. Take with you up to three suitcases without paying any extra amount. Get o​n the train until two minutes before departure to save you queasy tails and waits. Enjoy both the destination and the journey and return home with the suitcase full of valuable memories.

L'Estany de Banyoles

View of l’Estany de Banyol​es

The first place to enjoy the nature that we want to talk about is the Estany de Banyoles (the Banyoles lake). This is the largest natural lake in Catalonia and offers plenty of activities that the tourist can do. Here you can paddle, run, hike through the vegetation, go cycling and much more. Near the Banyoles lake is the Vilar lake, where there is a fishing competition without death every year, after which all fish are returned to their natural habitat without damage. You can also enjoy nature in l'Estany de Banyoles if you rent a boat and stroll along this beautiful lake. And if your thing is hiking, you will find a great variety of signposted routes around the lake of Banyoles.

Les Cales de Palafrugell

Palafrugell is a town on the Catalan Costa Brava where enjoying nature is almost mandatory. This locality has a great variety of beaches where you can enjoy the breeze of the Mediterranean sea. But if you really want to see nature, without tourists, without buildings and without worldly noise, what you should look for are the Cales de Palafrugell. There is one for every taste. Some are smaller, some rockier and others more hidden. But what they all have in common is exuberant vegetation, both terrestrial and aquatic, and a spectacular seabed. This natural spot is perfect for lovers of diving and snorkeling, but also for hikers, who will enjoy their walks parallel to the coast.

Llac de Puigcerdà

View of Puigcerdà Lake - Maria rosa ferre, Wikimedia Commons

The Llac de Puigcerdà, or Puigcerdà Lake, is another wonderful place where you can enjoy nature in Girona. This is an artificial pond, created to collect the waters of the Querol River. This lake was built in 1260 and since then is the preferred place of the locals to enjoy nature. The inhabitants of Puigcerdà even celebrate each August a Feast of the Lake, which has its origin in a popular legend. Among the activities that can be done in this natural area are fishing, hiking, boat trips and in general enjoy this small corner of the Catalan Pyrenees, away from the noise of big cities.

Fageda d'en Jordà​

The perfect place to enjoy nature in Girona is in the Garrotxa Natural Park. In the interior of this park we can find a beech forest, which is what the Catalan word "fageda" means. This fact is exceptional because these trees grow on the lava flows of the Croscat volcano. This area is famous for being a source of inspiration for artists and poets, such as Joan Maragall. That's why it is a perfect place to go hiking or to ride in a carriage and enjoy nature in all its splendor.

Capers of the Ter i del Freser

Views of Les Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser

If you want to enjoy nature in its wildest version, we recommend you visit Les Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser. This mountainous area is in the eastern part of the Catalan Pyrenees and its greatest attraction is the fauna and flora. Here we can find forests of deciduous trees and also subalpine species of conifers in the highest a​reas. Moreover, this natural spot is also perfect for birds and animals lovers.

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