​​​​Between Barcelona and the French border, there is a natural area that may leave you flabbergasted. In the volcanic region called La Garrotxa, La Fageda d’en Jordà is a forest of beech trees where you can go hiking and/or do some bird watching. It was a source of inspiration for many artists and it may be for you, too. Do not hesitate any longer and take a Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train to Girona to come to this place and enjoy its peacefulness. 

La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural P​ark is made up of 26 huge areas of forest and vegetation that cross through many towns such as Olot, Santa Pau and Les Preses. One of those areas is La Fageda d’en Jordá, an inspirational place made of beech trees. This area is the most visited of all La Garrotxa and you will often see artists coming and setting up their easel for a day of painting.  

A wonderful place of natural exhuberance 

Routes for walking and trekking

​For those of you who are not artists, another extremely popular thing to do is to go trekking along one of the many walking routes set out for you. You can breathe fresh air, see extraordinary colours, and enjoy nature at its best. There are picnic areas so you can take a packed lunch and have a break as some of the routes will take you a good few hours.  

Bird watching 

​Another interesting pastime in La Fageda d’en Jordá is bird watching. Yes, as all the forests in La Garrotxa are protected, they are the perfect place for wildlife to make a home and birds are no exception. The great thing about La Fageda is that it is very clearly signposted and the signs show you where you can find the different species.  

When to visit 

​The best times of year to visit this piece of paradise are spring and fall more than anything else because of the climate and the colours. The area does not exactly dry out in the summer and it is cooler than some places in Catalonia but it can get hot and people tend to take the shorter routes. Seeing the flowers, wildlife and trees come to life in spring is so refreshing. Then in autumn the colours of the trees and seeing the plants getting ready for the winter is super interesting.  


The views above the La Fageda d’en Jordà 

​For that mystifying view from above the forest, the area going out of Olot on the way to Barcelona is the best place and the best time, of the day is around 7 pm when the sun is going down. If you happen to be there on a cloudy or a slightly rainy day, it is truly magic. 

There are many ways to explore its beautiful landscapes 



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