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The first festival Temps de Flors was in 1955 as a show about flowers. It took place in the Santo Domingo church and involved a pleasant flowers exposition. Years passed and this exposition became the festival Temps de Flors, now famous in all Spain. During the festival, all Girona is made more beautiful with flowers which decorate each corer of the town. It can be a simple flower o a floral composition and even sometimes spectacular and exceptional creations. So the monuments flower and present a covered of flowers town.

The Festival Temps de Flors nowadays

Girona, Temps de Flors

The charm of the flowers seduces the whole population in Girona. Whether they are young or older, flowers always have a positive effect and produce cheerfulness and happiness on people. The festival takes place in may the 7th to 15th 2022​. In the middle of coloured flowers to be admired, you’ll be enchanted by the perfume which can provide happiness to the saddest hearts.

Don’t forget that the festival knows as Temps de Flors isn’t only a flowers expositions, but a moment during which all the town presents its most beautiful decorations too. Decorations are exceptional and you could think it is a carnival. If you don’t have time to visit all the streets of Girona to admire the flowers, there are screens in the whole town so you can see the different places of the town in real ti​me and see the whole festival. Even the stairs are transformed so they seems to be flowers cascades with smart and sophisticated decorations.

Activities during the festival Temps de Flors

Exhibition during the festival Temps de Flors

Other activities are proposed during the festival as photography competition, dances and many other enthusiastic exhibitions. Creativity and art are essential to present the flowers. Gardens are open so the public can access to incredible places and it’s a perfect moment to have pleasant and heady  walks. With more than a hundred different varieties of flowers to be admired in Girona, those who love flowers will be able to complete their knowings.

Girona, a town which is worth it!

Stairs decorated with flowers in Girona

Located near Barcelona, Girona is a town you will love visiting, if you take time to stroll in the small streets… During the festival Temps de Flors, you will have many things to see, and will go in the middle of a pleasant smell of flowers and lively music. In Girona, you can be seduced by t​he cooking, the spanish culture, the warm welcoming of the inhabitants or the towns and villages around. The festival Temps de Flors is a perfect excuse to go to Girona, enjoy and know the most beautiful places of the region and there are a lot of them!​​



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  • Mark 05/05/2022 15:34:21
    Who has time to look at flowers when you’re stuck on a train south of Perpignan for over 3 ½ hours and you are not going to make your return train from Girona.
  • Renfe-SNCF en Coopération 05/05/2022 15:47:34
    We are very sorry for the incident. We are working to get you to your destination.

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