​​Madrid is known for its festive atmosphere at all times of the year and at any time of day and night. If any district of the Spanish capital is particularly representative of such, it is Chueca. 

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District’s history

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If Chueca has the reputation of being the gay district of the Spanish capital, it is also and above all one of the most animated and cosmopolitan areas of Madrid! Over the years and despite the city’s transformations, this district has remained authentic. There are many boutiques notably aimed at the gay community, however equally stores for all tastes: bars, taverns, restaurants ... Chueca has everything to seduce you!

A gay district

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If today, Chueca is such a lively district, it is largely thanks to the gay community that brought its life back. This district, along with the simple architecture that has been abandoned for years, is brimming with nightclubs, restaurants, travel agencies, bookstores that are primarily aimed at a gay audience, however is particularly respectful and open to all, no matter their age, sex, origin, social condition, sexual orientation...

Thus, in the plazas, amongst the streets of this district or throughout the San Antón Market, which have modernized in recent years, elderly people walking their dogs and young homosexual couples cross paths - a pleasant cohabitation that is wonderful to observe.

Moreover, it’s impossible for this district not to celebrate Gay Pride the way it should be. Such festivals are held annually in both late June and early July. The most awaited moment by all is, of course, the parade however the atmosphere is everywhere - as much in the bars as in the streets!

Drinking and eating in Chueca

The busy streets during the day double with activity at night!! Most bars stay open all night long until dawn. One has no excuse for not living the famous Madrid nights that characterize the city. Even though the public is largely gay, most of the bars are hetero-friendly. Among the most famous clubs in the area are Black & White, Delirio, Why Not, Truco, Fulanita de Tal, and the Long Play - probably one of the busiest in the area!

For eating, one should have no difficulty finding small quality restaurants. For the tightest of budgets, take note of the Embolao, or the Tuk Tuk. Balanced meal lovers can discover Happy Green, those who love Asian cuisine can go to Aloha Poke... Let yourself be carried by your culinary desires.

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