​When organizing a holiday with friends in Madrid, such can be for several reasons: you may want to discover a new city, a new way of life, discover the cultural heritage, cultural dancing however, the nightlife here is particularly lively. 

In this article, we’re proposing a pub crawl in order to spend a few unforgettable evenings with your friends. 

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Lus Enemigus 

A traditional tapas bar - (Images from their Facebook page)

Located at 116, Ezequiel Solana Street, north of the Retiro district, this bar has a wide selection of tapas (snacks) as a side dish to the drinks. If you want to go bar hopping with your friends, be careful because at Lus Enemigus, you’ll certainly want to taste everything - so much so that you may end up spending hours and finally never leave!

Los Amigos 

Located directly in front of Lus Enemigus at 114, Ezequiel Solana Street, this bar equally offers an almost endless choice of tapas and portions. Los Amigos may come as a surprise at first sight because rolls of toilet paper are hanging off the bar... To find out why, head for the bar!

La Casa Parrondo 

Within the central area of Madrid and just by the Plaza Callao is located the Casa Parrondo - located at 4, calle Trujillo - a bar-restaurant that resembles an Asturian tavern. One can enjoy a refreshing beer or cider, all while enjoying their delicious tapas.

Mareas vivas 

Also within the Plaza Callao and located at 3, calle Veneras, be sure to sample the tapas at Carmen - offering typical cuisine of this city. In addition, prices are particularly affordable here.


Traditional cuisine - (Picture of their Facebook page)

Directly in downtown Madrid and located at 9, Calle de Cádiz, this tavern is absolutely mythical and offers simple cuisine that is however tasty and plentiful, the whole in a good-natured atmosphere. Simply perfect for bar hopping with friends!

Cervecería Quevedo

Quality craft beer - (Picture of their Facebook page)

A beer temple in order to quench your thirst and continue your culinary experience! This bar is located at 7, Calle de Quevedo and offers tapas that accompany each of your drinks.

La sidrería el Tigre

The place is suitable for all those who have a bottomless stomach! - (Images from their Facebook page)

This cider bar has three establishments: 30, Calle Infantas // 23, Calle Infantas // 23, Calle Hortaleza and offers many tapas served with twice as much beer as usual. The place is suitable for all those who have a bottomless stomach!

La Blanca Paloma 

Continue on your way to the famous district of Malasaña in order to discover La Blanca Paloma - 21, Calle Espíritu Santo - a bar mostly frequented by young individuals where tapas are served with half-liter pitchers. Intended to welcome groups of friends, such will be a perfect location for you.

Bar Sierra 

Within the same area, head towards 41, Calle Galileo and discover the legendary Sierra Bar, usually crowded by students. The beers are always very well accompanied by homemade tapas.

Palentino ​

Located in the Malasaña district at 12, Pez street, this bar offers drinks and sandwiches at great prices. This is the main reason why young individuals appreciate this hip location.

When it comes to pub crawl, the list of establishments is non-exhaustive and the best way to go about it is to decide on the spot! After a stay in the Spanish capital, rich in emotions and discoveries, the best way to return home is on a Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high speed train, while reliving the best moments of your trip with friends.

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