​​Summer’s arrival is associated with warmth, well-being, colour and the pleasures of life. The Gay Pride in Madrid, a bright event that takes place in both joy and good mood is a must - which is another opportunity to spend a few days in the city of Madrid. ​

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Madrid: a privileged destination

Madrid has been one of the most visited cities by tourists for several years. In fact, this city’s cultural offer, openness as well as the inhabitants’ sympathy makes it much appreciated by all.

The dates

The Gay Pride Parade of Madrid 

Between June 29 and July 8, the city of Madrid offers you the opportunity to attend and participate in one of the most grandiose Gay Prides in the world; 10 days of festivals, concerts, social-cultural festivals and sporting events, where more than one million people come to celebrate diversity!

Throughout this entire period, the whole city will offer dance performances, music, artistic performances, visual arts, debates, literature, sports competitions... The most significant event of the period and one that should not be missed is the parade, of course, that will take place on July 7. More than a million people and associations from across the region will be out on the streets celebrating equal rights for all.

The Best Gay Pride in the World

The whole city of Madrid is involved in Gay Pride. Everyone is happy to participate in the many activities that take place in joy and good humour. The Gay Pride Madrid is considered as one of the best in the world since in addition to its impressive and colourful parade, it offers various shows. Everyone takes part in the party regardless of their sexual orientation, age, origin, style, the goal being to normalize LGBT status.

Chueca, the diversity district

 Street decoration

If any district of Madrid represents the diversity and openness of the people in this capital, it is Chueca. Much more than just a district, Chueca is a true example for the LGBT movement. In a few years, the district has developed its economy by addressing a targeted audience, and has thus helped to promote the visibility of the LGBT movement. Chueca has become a model in terms of tolerance and modernity since this district is also the most cosmopolitan and vibrant of the capital. Near Chueca, the Latina is another particularly multicultural district where one will enjoy taking a stroll.

After a stay rich in colours and emotion, the best way to get home is by train. Seated comfortably in one of our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains, one will be capable of remembering the best moments lived in Madrid during the Gay Pride Festival.

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