Madrid is a big shopping mall. All the neighbourhoods in the town have a large offer of perfect places to go shopping and find anything you might wish. If time runs when you go shopping, Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation offers you minutes so that you can visit all the shops you want as we will take you there at great speed. Prepare your credit cards and enjoy!


The Chueca Metro Station

Fuencarral area is where you will find the latest fashion trends and new promises in design, besides a large offer of restaurants and shops specialized in comics, decoration and tattoos. In Chueca, there are many shops thoughts for the LGBT community, specially in Hortaleza street and in Chueca Square, as well as gyms, sex shops and alternative fashion.


Salamanca neighbourhood is like a large fashion catwalk. In Serrano, José Ortega y Gasset and Claudio Coello streets, you will find all the luxurious shops of clothes and shoes, as well as a big Showroom by Zara, the main Inditex trademark, where the season novelties are presented. This area is popularly known as the “Gold Mile”.

Don’t forget to go to some of the best restaurants in the capital and to the Peace Market (Mercado de la Paz), similar to the popular San Miguel Market, and an authentic paradise for gourmands and gourmets.


The Preciados and Montera Streets

Located in the city centre, Preciados commercial district may be the most crowded in Madrid. In these days, it is quite difficult to walk in the streets near Callao Square and the well-known Puerta del Sol. In this area, you will find the most famous national and international trademarks, as well as department stores where you will find anything you might need. The Arenal street is another area specialized in electronics and music instruments, because of its closeness with the Royal Theatre.

Besides a wide offer to eat, when it is cold, you should to San Ginés Chocolate factory and warm up with a good chocolate with churros, one of the typical sweets in the city, in a 24/7 place.


Malasaña neighbourhoods is one of the best considered by the Madrilenians, above all by the young ones. The streets are full of bars and restaurants, perfect to have a drink or to have diner with friends and taste the tasteful tapas that cover the counters of the bars. Cradle of the “Madrilenian movement” in the 80, Malasaña is a commercial tribute to the vintage fashion, where you can find any second-hand products, but also bookshops and collectible shops.

El Rastro

The Rastro Market in Madrid

Rastro Market is one of the most traditional points in Madrid. Open on Sundays and bank holidays, you will find anything, even strange objects and collectibles. We recommend you to go early in the morning if you do not like crowds, though if what you want is to live the experience like a Madrid citizen, go around twelve and stay until it closes. If you cannot go on Sunday, be aware that most stands that are in the market also sell their products in the adjacent streets.

If you get hungry while walking there, enjoy a typical appetizer in one of the numerous bars of the area, or eat a dish of callos (Madrid typical sticky casserole of veal tripe and cheek) and other specialties of the capital in the homemade cooking restaurants which are around.

When coming back home in the train, with all the shopping bags, think about where you want to go for your next trip. If you let us, we take you quickly and comfortably.

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