​​​City squares are often places of history and always places of passage to which one pays more or less attention. In this article, we propose the discovery of a few of the most beautiful squares of Madrid

In order to enjoy their atmosphere and discover them with one’s own eyes, there’s nothing more simple than booking tickets in a high-speed Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train and heading directly to the Spanish capital’s center.

Places of Madrid to enjoy the Sun

​La Plaza de la Villa  

This square is one of the oldest in Madrid and was the market square during the Muslim occupation of Al-Ándalus. 

Such is surrounded by three historic buildings: the Casa de la Villa - which was previously the town hall -, the Casa de Cisneros and the Casa y Torre de los Lujanes... an area brimming with history as each of these buildings has its own history. Feel free to discover them in their entirety.

La Plaza Mayor  

Located at the heart of the ancient town, this square is impressive with its size alone. Built upon the old Arrabal square, where the market was organized at the end of the 15th century, such was rebuilt in 1580 under Felipe II’s request. Position oneself at the center, near the equestrian statue of Felipe III, and turn 360 degrees in order to admire the Casa de la Panadería, the Arch of Cuchilleros - the whole integrated into a majestic ensemble.

Discover Madrid: Plaza del Dos de Mayo and Plaza de España

La Plaza del Dos de Mayo

​Located within the Malasaña district, this square is a meeting point for many holiday enthusiasts. It remains, above all, a place of homage to the Spanish History since one can observe a great arc here - representing the entrance to the Cuartel de Monteleón, whose troops died in confrontation against the French occupation on May 2, 1808, under which is a statue of captains Luis Daoíz y Torres and Pedro Velarde, who led the resistance against the Napoleonic army.

La Plaza de España 

Especially pleasant, the Plaza de España is a must-see during a stay in Madrid. Such is a peaceful place within the heart of the city. One can observe the statue of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza or simply relax while resting on the grass, as do many Madrilenas…

Stroll through the most important squares of Madrid

La Plaza de Santa Ana 

Located within the Las Letras district, the Plaza de Santa Ana is always very busy. Large, wooded and calm, its charm is indisputable. The cultural life as well as the many bars and restaurants attract both the people of Madrid and tourists.

La Plaza de la Independencia

Very well known for its dominating monument: the Gate of Alcalá, this square is a few steps from the Retiro Park and is one of the historic places to discover throughout a stay in the capital. Such was the access point of the city; today, we remain seduced by its beauty and its grandeur, highlighted by the gardens that surround the latter square.

The list is not exhaustive, and Madrid is full of charming little squares... When returning on board a Renfe-SNCF train in Cooperation, relive the best moments spent in Madrid with family or friends and discuss the most seductive squares discovered throughout travelling!

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