No matter what time of the year, walking in the woods is relaxing and allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of the capital. But if there is an ideal time to do so, it is in autumn, when the sun lights up the trees as it pleases, which magically adopt ochre, golden and earthy colours. 

Jump on one of our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation​ high-speed trains and come enjoy magnificent and unique days surrounded by birches, maples, beeches, oaks and chestnut trees.

Le Bois de la Herreria and the Chair of Felipe II, El Escorial

Located next to the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo d'El Escorial, its 497 hectares shelter mainly oaks and ash trees, accompanied by cherry trees, willows, chestnut trees, etc. The "Silla de Felipe II" (Chair of Philip II) is a large granite rock with several carved seats, located at an altitude of 1466 meters. The story tells that King Philip II went up there in order to observe how work on the El Escorial Monastery is progressing, where the view is breathtaking! Perfect for walking with children, who will spend their time picking acorns, you can also picnic there.

Finnish Wood, Rascafría

A magic forest

About fifty kilometres from the capital, you will discover a northern-looking wood, which is where its name comes from. Little known to tourists (and even Madrilenes), you will have to head towards the Monastery of the Paular, park there, cross the road to arrive at the Puente del Perdón bridge, then pass through an iron gate on your left. Here begins the path, flanked by poplars and birches. The effort is worth it: you will discover it when you arrive at the small lake, lined with trees, with a small wooden house. A true fairy tale sight!

The chestnut grove d'El Tiemblo

The tranquility of nature near the capital

It is one of the most visited woods in autumn, especially due to the chestnuts that you can collect as you like and take home to taste. As its name suggests, most trees are chestnut trees and the colours that the leaves take at this time of year will amaze you. But that's not all! In this wood, you will replenish yourself between century-old trees, wooden bridges and small streams.

The Beech Grove of Montejo

Montejo de la Sierra, 70 kilometres from Madrid, is one of the most beautiful woods in the country. The yellow and orange tones of the beech trees make this place absolutely magical. Its 250 hectares, declared a Natural Site of National Interest in 1974 and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2017, make this park a protected natural area, where it is better to preserve, and it is obligatory to visit through a free guided route.

La Pedriza

For excursion lovers

This is the typical Madrilenian wood, due to its proximity and surface. Perfect for hikers and climbing enthusiasts, it also houses many places where the routes are less demanding and can be done with children, most of them leaving from Canto Cochino. After crossing several bridges over the Manzanares River, you can easily escape between lush pine woods.

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