​​​Mediterranean sea and the second most important city in France after Paris, its capital. With one of the most beautiful harbours of the Mediterranean sea, it’s an authentic luxury savouring the delicacies of the gastronomy of Marseille in one of his many restaurants, but if you can also taste a good bouillabaisse with a view at the sea and a cool breeze, it’s even better. With Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, we take you to Marseille quickly and comfortably so you can enjoy the best landscapes before and after your travel. 

Restaurant Peron 

General view at the restaurant

The Peron Restaurant is located near the sea, on top of the rocks so you can enjoy one of the best views of Marseille. It’s a perfect restaurant to have dinner on a spectacular terrace
The menu proposes flavorful plates of high cooking with a fish and selfish speciality. Obviously you can taste there a bouillabaisse. 

Restaurant les Trois Forts

The restaurant inside and outside

Located in the Marseille Vieux Port Sofitel, this restaurant stands out thanks to its excellent mediterranean cooking and its spectacular views at the old harbour of Marseille. One of the characteristics of the restaurant, and the others in this hotel, is that there are specific plates for vegetarian people, children, gluten intolerants so it’s just perfect to have a break there. 

Chez Fonfon

Views at the harbour and from the Restaurant. 

A small jewel in the middle of the Vallon des Auffes, a small harbour for fishermen near the old harbour. It’s one of the more picturesque places of the city. 

The Fonfon’s cooking is typical of Marseille with one of the best bouillabaisses of the city and exquisite fishes cooked on the grill. You will find in every gastronomic creation the Mediterranean love. 
A sunset with a romantic dinner near the fishermen boats is one of the most romantic moments you can enjoy in Marseille. 
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Le Petit Nice

General view from the Restaurant and the Chef Gérald Passédat 

This restaurant with 3 stars Michelin, excellently directed by Gérald Passédat, is a love song to the Mediterranean. If you want to enjoy authentic gastronomic creations which will let you speechless, we recommend you to taste the Bouillabaisse menu, a real symphony of plates for the most demanding palates. 


Inside and terrace views

Located in the old Harbour of Marseille, this restaurant considered as “fast food” offers splendid views at the harbour on his terrace where you can be served hamburgers, salads, meats, fishes for a very affordable price.

It’s a perfect place to eat with the whole family and more especially with the smallest of the home. 
In the whole city there is a huge offer of restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries where you can enjoy many kinds of specialities
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