​​​​​​​Montpellier is a perfect destination to visit with the whole family. Three hours away in our Renfe-SNCF in cooperation high speed trains, you will find many activities to do even with the youngest children. Here you will find a few recommendations to enjoy one of the 50 towns you have to visit at least one time in your life.​



Méric Park​​

This park of more than 10 hectares located in Montpellier’s center, in the Domaine de Méric -Meric Domain- zone, a place where the painter Frédéric Bazille lived and his family. There, in Bazille, he found the inspiration for most of his paintings.
The park is famous for its fields covered in poppies during the spring season and for its views to the Lez River. You will find there a children park zone so the youngest can enjoy playing too, a canine zone if you travel with your pet and plenty of vegetation. Considered to be the green lungs of the town, you can have a getaway to the countryside staying in the town, have a picnic with the whole family and take long walks beneath the trees.​


Aquarium Mare Nostrum​

Ocean’s Theatre, pictures: Aquarium Mare Nostrum courtesy.

Located in the modern neighbourhood Odyssée, in the Mare Nostrum Aquarium, you will be able to contemplate the marine life and recreations of different environments of the Mediterranean sea. Let’s have a walk on the Ocean’s Balcony, a huge glass surface which makes you feel as if you were walking on the water. Have fun with the penguins’ colony, admire the sharks and live an authentic marine storm simulation in a cargo ship copy. One of the attractions we recommend to you is the Abyss Station where you can discover how the life is in the deepest sea.
The youngest of the family will enjoy in a specific zone thought for them, with playground slides, games, water tanks where they can touch the fishes, and a cave to climb.

Charles de Gaulle Esplanade

Fallen People monument and Musical Park for children

Located near the city centre, just after the Place de la Comédie –Comedy Place- this huge park were a military land to realize military drills with the soldiers who came from the near Citadelle. It is now a big urban park with many different zones so you can have a walk around the lake, a picnic as a family, seeing how your children have fun in their play area, and depending on the period you go there, you can visit different museums; the Fabre is the most important art museum in the town.
There you can find too the Corum, the congresses palace.

Le petit train de Montpellier

The “modern” tramways in Montpellier

If you want to discover the city centre in a different way, comfortably and with no effort, we recommend you to have a quick stroll with the Montpellier’s “train”. You will discover the medieval architecture hidden in its little streets and the uproar of a modern and cosmopolite city. From the Place de la Comédie – Comedy Place- to the Jardins de Peyrou – Peyrou’s Gardens- the trains will lead you to each interesting places of the city.

Even if this is not a touristic train, we recommend you to take the tramway because it is more than a comfortable and ecological mean of transport. Tramways have been designed by famous people like Christian Lacroix and are real pieces of art on railways. Moreover, as an ecological city, Montpellier’s tramways represent the 4 elements: air, water, earth and fire.

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