When we think of delicious cheese, we always turn our heads to France. And if France is the country of cheese, Paris is the perfect place to enjoy this delicious food. For this reason, today we want to talk about where to find the best cheese in Paris so you can easily go and grab a bite of tradition. Don’t think twice and surrender to the range of flavours, because Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation takes you comfortably to Paris in just a few hours, so you can taste the handmade art of French cheese.

You can find French cheese nearly anywhere. You can buy it in supermarkets or at street markets or even online, but you haven’t really tasted French cheese until you have been to one of the shops that we are going to talk about today. In order to find the best cheese in Paris, you must be prepared to look carefully around the city, walk into narrow streets, and ask a lot of questions. Because for the French, cheese is much more than food. It is dialogue, it is knowledge, it is art, and over all, it is tradition and passion. 


Photo by Fromagerie Nicole Barthélemy - Facebook 

Barthélemy is maybe the most traditional and conservative of the cheese shops in Paris. They don’t even maintain a website. But this may be the best cheese in Paris, because it is said that the French President and Prime Minister buy their cheese from Barthélemy. In this shop you can buy delicious French cheese and also other products that are normally served with cheese, like wines and jams. Here you can find everything you need to set up a perfect cheese evening with friends and loved ones. You can find this shop at 51 Rue de Grenelle.

Chez Virginie

Chez Virginie is a cheese shop specialized in raw milk cheeses. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the shop or the variety of cheeses is small. This shop exists since 1900 and has belonged to a family of careful cheesemongers. Here you can find some of the the best cheese in Paris and you can also ask all the questions about French cheese that you can think of. The current owner, Virginie, and the staff will be glad to solve all your doubts. Find Chez Virginie at 54 Rue Damrémont.

Laurent Dubois


Photo by Laurent Dubois - Facebook 

Laurent Dubois is maybe the most famous cheesemonger and surely makes some of the best cheese in Paris. He comes from a family devoted to cheese during at least three generations and is a renowned specialist in the field. His shop can be found at 47 Ter Boulevard Saint Germain and is a very modern and minimalistic kind of place. If you want to buy French cheese for any taste, this is the place to go.

Fromagerie Langlet-Hardouin

The Fromagerie Langlet-Hardouin is inside the Marché d’Aligre, which is conveniently situated between the Place de la Bastille and the Gare de Lyon. Here you can find some of the best Parisian cheese as the shop specializes in local varieties and goat milk cheeses. It opens six days a week, including Sundays, and is a must-visit for all French cheese lovers.

Fromagerie d’Auteuil

Photos by Michel Fouchereau Fromager – Facebook 

The Fromagerie d’Auteuil can be found at 58 Rue d’Auteuil and is the perfect place to buy not only French cheese, but also other delicious varieties from neighbour countries. This is a family business managed by Michel Fauchereau and his wife. They take great care in their work and have equipped the shop with cellars and humidity control systems, so they can offer not only the best cheese in Paris, but also in its best condition for optimal taste. 


Androuet is the best place to taste all the French cheese you want, as they have a great variety of cheeses in a small and affordable format. Here you can find some of the best cheeses in Paris and other parts of France, as the main spirit of the shop is to show all the range of flavours and smells that can be found across the French geography. Androuet have opened shops in London and Stockholm, but in Paris you can find them at 93 Rue Cambronne.

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