​Paris is a city of restaurants, bistrots, coffee shops and above all, boulangerie. In the French capital, like in any French city, there are many bakeries and patisseries, but among all its products, one specially stands out and it is internationally known: the croissant. Although it was introduced in 1939 by an Austrian officer, who opened a bakery in Paris, the success was so big that other bakers imitated him and, it is nowadays something essential in any breakfast. We propose you here a list of the best croissants in town, that you can enjoy quickly with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, which will take you to the French capital when you want. Bon Appétit!

Liberté pâtisserie-boulangerie by Benoît Castel

 Interior and some croissants of the Liberté pâtisserie

Located in Rue de Vinaigriers since 2013, the use of first quality products and its delicious and spectacular creations in the world of patisserie has converted this pastry shop into a reference in the city. Its croissants are absolutely delicious and the style of the place reminds us of France in the years 50, with its marble tops.

Boulangerie Nelly Julien

Located in Rue Saint Dominique, its crunchy and buttery croissants are considered among the best in Paris, and were prizewinners in many occasions.

Au Duc De La Chapelle

Made by the young baker Anis Bouabsa, called the “king of Baguettes” by the media, his freshly-baked croissants are so crunchy and so delicious, to have with a coffee or not, that they were awarded as among the best ones in Paris.

Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Schou

Some croissants of the Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Schou

This young patisserie, born in 2008 and located near the famous Eiffel Tower, has reached the Top Ten of the best croissants in Paris. In 2014, it was awarded with the second prize. Delicious and crunchy, it is a must to visit and to taste.

L’Artisan Des Gourmands

Croissants of l’Artisan Des Gourmands

One of the best butter croissants in Paris. This patisserie is one of the must visit in the city, and all its pastries are absolutely wonderful. You will know when you arrive thanks to the amazing smell you will note from the street.

When you come back home with the train, treat yourself. While enjoying the landscape from the window of the train, pick one of the croissants you will have bought and while enjoying it, think about your next destination with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation.

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  • C. Guene 31/05/2017 08:23:31
    1939 ???
  • Peter M 10/08/2017 09:37:47
    Great, if slightly uncritical review. It's interesting to see from the photos that a previously critical element of the croissant is disappearing . . . it's crescent shape! I always thought this was integral to a good croissant, although perhaps it's these days regarded as politically incorrect to remind consumers of this wonderful patisserie of its Byzantine origins. I say "bring back the crescentic croissant"!
  • MartinSadlo 23/10/2017 08:21:56
    The most best Croissants to get is at Fecamp/Normandie at the marketplace
  • paoad 03/10/2020 23:13:00
    My favorite croissants are definately those at Claire Damon's "Des Gâteaux et Du Pain". But indeed there are many great bakeries in Paris

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