In Paris, there are many monuments and activities that you can’t miss. Just as if you go to New York, you should not miss a performance at one of the theaters of Times Square, you should not leave the French capital without visiting a cabaret. In these types of venues, you will be able to enjoy the iconic can-can dances and amazing choreographies that dancers perform in unison.

Our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains take you to Paris from several Spanish cities. This time you certainly won’t miss some of the mythical Paris cabarets!

​Allow yourself to be carried away by the eye-catching outfits, the sequin sparkle and the wiggling of feathers at some of the best cabarets in Paris. Take note!

Moulin Rouge

 Stop for those who want to enjoy the shows of Paris

As you would expect, at the top of this list you can find the most famous cabaret – not only in Paris, but across the globe. Moulin Rouge jumped to fame as a result of its namesake movie by Baz Luhrmann, but it was in fact founded in the year 1889. Due to its location in the picturesque Montmartre district, the Moulin Rouge is one of the tourist attractions par excellence of the French city. Even though not all travellers dare to attend a cabaret performance, the photo with the building’s iconic red windmill cannot go amiss in any camera. But the Moulin Rouge is much more than its façade. Walking through its entryway is travelling to the Belle Époque, thanks to its splendid decoration. If you prefer, you can enjoy a succulent dinner as the stage comes alive with music, feathers and can-cans.


The ‘Crème’ of the ‘crème’ 

Even though it has not become world-famous like the previous one, this is in fact the most prestigious cabaret in Paris. Lido may not be a​ffordable to everyone, since it is also the most expensive of them all, but attending one of its performances is well worth it. Inaugurated in 1946, it is known for offering cabaret performances of the highest quality, many of which actually remain on the billboard for several seasons. At Lido, glamour is all you can find, so don’t forget to wear formal dress!

Lapin Agile

 Camouflaged with the environment, appearances deceive

Lapin Agile may not be the most well-known cabaret, but it certainly is the oldest. It’s even more: its origins can’t even be accurately traced back, though it was already open for business by 1875. Located at the Montmartre hill, the place perfectly blends in with its surroundings and, in fact, it would be hard for anyone to tell that it is the oldest cabaret in Paris. In its interior you won’t find anything too luxurious, but what you will find is a lot of authenticity.

Crazy Horse

 A very unusual cabaret

Just a few steps from the Eiffel Tower​, you can find this very unconventional cabaret. Active since the year 1951, it stands out due to its innovating character and its praise of the female form. You will not find an old-style cabaret, but instead the maximum quality in each of its shows. Crazy Horse offers nights filled with music and colour, striking choreographies and high aesthetics.

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