So many people across the globe love cinema and will travel far and wide to watch the newest releases or maybe even to see a red carpet event. When you think of Paris do you think of films, cinemas, or red carpets? For most people the answer is no, but did you know that some of the most amazing cinema experiences are in this city? Whether it is for a week or just a weekend, you can take a Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation Train and go visit them. You can be there and back very fast and stress-free. 


La Peniche cinema in Paris is an experience like no other. Can you imagine being on a beautiful barge boat on the river Seine and watching an old classic or the latest blockbuster and then getting a nice bite to eat at the onboard restaurant that serves delicious meals and eating it on the terrace of one of the boat’s many decks? What is more, later in the evening, it turns into a music venue with DJs and bands to keep you entertained until the early hours. What an amazing place and a great idea!

An original and interesting place to enjoy the Parisian cultural offer - images from his Facebook page 

There are movie theatres that will immediately catch your attention just from seeing them from the outside and you will not be able to think about anything else than going inside! The Gaumont Alésia in Paris, with its huge posters that can be seen from far away focuses on new releases and local French films. The great thing for people visiting is that the movies are shown in their original version with French subtitles so if you can spare a few hours, this is an impressive place to go.  



The Brady cinema in Paris is special for a whole different reason. It is very sought after as it only has 39 seats and normally plays old cult movies and new Art house films – quite a contrast. With the original decor and the movies shown in their original version, it is quite attractive to cinema fans who visit it from all over the world.  




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