​​2018 is not only ​the year of the highly expected World Cup, but also the one of the new edition of the Gay Games. This time, the host city will be Paris. The flamboyant French capital will be home to the 10th edition of this sport event that aims to foster acceptance and equality, regardless of sexual orientation. The event will take place from August 4 to 12, nine days in which sports, culture and a festive environment will go hand in hand in the City of Light.

As with the World Cup, the Gay Games are held every four years, and they may be hosted anywhere in the world. They have never been closer! 

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What will you find in this 10th edition of the Gay Games?

During the first days of August, Paris will become a very accepting and friendly city for the LGBT community, with the arrival of the 10th edition of the Gay Games. Overall, there are 36 sport events with an expected 15,000 participants from over 70 countries. What sets this event apart is that anyone wishing to participate can do so, without any pre-selection.

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Gay Games is an event open to anyone over 18, and the only requirement for participating is registering to your favorite activity. This means that the participant’s age, physical fitness, sexual orientation, religion and others do not matter. Anyone may sign up to the scheduled tests within the various categories: swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, marathon, badminton, basketball, volleyball, boxing, biking, golf, football, ice hockey, pétanque, tennis, martial arts and many others.

Even though sport is the cornerstone of this event that celebrates sexual diversity, there will be many activities with that same purpose. The 10th edition in Paris has a complete program that includes over a dozen cultural events, conferences and parties that are to take place at several locations in Paris, such as Grand Palais, the Paris Casino, the National Library of France and the Jean Bouin and Charléty stadiums.

History of the Gay Games

The Gay Games were born in the year 1982 with the purpose of turning sports into a means to foster values such as diversity, respect, inclusion, equality, solidarity and non-discrimination.

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The first edition took place in San Francisco. The foundations of what would become one of the most promising events in LGBT history were already laid out in the opening ceremony at Kezar Stadium.

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