​We want to walk at a leisurely pace, take pictures, enjoy Paris from a completely new perspective that reminds us of how special a trip to Paris is. The city that beckons us the most is waiting for us, and we’re going to discover details that we once overlooked. And to get to one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals, we’re going take a Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train, which will leave us in the centre of the city.

After not going out much for a while, there’s nothing more appealing than a trip abroad, but not too far.  We are very lucky to be right next to France, which is home to the city of Paris, a city that always has a wide range of experiences to offer, even to repeat visitors. 

Its parks and gardens are magnificent, and we can walk at a slower clip as we take in the variety of flowers that blend into an explosion of colours. Some will entice us to sit and relax, like the iron chairs in the Luxembourg Gardens. Those who like photography will be taking snaps in every direction. Or we can enjoy the sunshine in this pleasant spot while reading that novel we chose for this well-deserved holiday.

Sitting relaxed in the typical chairs of the Luxembourg Gardens

The wide streets are another option to consider if we’re keen to walk around Paris. The Champs-Élysées, with the Arc de Triomphe keeping an eye on passers-by and traffic from its unique vantage point. The Champ de Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, surrounded by grass in the centre and sides, is an excellent place to walk with children and take in the majestic iron lady who is always there to delight us and make us fall in love with her every time we visit. And the Avenue de l’Opéra, an example of architectural elegance that will have us stopping at every façade to take in the curious details we had never noticed before. 

Opera Garnier

And not having any trees allows us to see the buildings in their entirety. The roof of the Opera is reminiscent of a crown that is the jewel of this avenue. We can go inside and admire the Neo-Baroque style that inspired the novel “The Phantom of the Opera”. The predominant gold colour contrasting with the red tapestry and curtains gives some idea of the luxury they wanted to convey to the world. After our visit, whether guided or not, we can walk dow​n the staircase, step by step, to enjoy that magical moment once more.

Once outside, what could be more enticing that a walk along the Seine? How often we’ve recalled its bridges, each one special in its own right, and now here we are crossing them. 

Peeking through the stalls of the bouquinistes

During our walk, we can stop to browse the book stalls, or bouquinistes, which look like something from a film set, or are we really in a film? We are, our film, and we’re the star of our stroll. Maybe a postcard will catch our eye, or a book, magazine or print that harkens back to a different 20s, to give to someone special.

Sunset in a Bateau Mouche

As the sun sets, there’s no better time to board one of the iconic Bateaux Mouches. Sitting on the deck, we see the buildings slip by from an even more relaxing viewpoint. The breeze will help to clear our mind as we go over the day’s events or simply delight in the setting that surrounds us. Tomorrow we’ll continue walking through Paris and visit its museums, because there are always museums to see, or return to. 


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