​Paris' commitment to culture is undeniable. The French capital is unrivalled in terms of museums, art galleries and cultural and creative spaces. Since 2015, this vast catalogue has been expanded by a new member called Les Grands Voisins or “The Great Neighbors” in English. Located in the heart of Paris, this is an unprecedented and multidisciplinary corner whose common thread is solidarity and collaboration. This is one of the places not to be missed on your next visit to Paris! Get on one of our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains and discover the most surprising places in the city of light.

Les Grands Voisins is a unique experience. It is an environment open to all in which different associations, neighborhood residents, artisans, artists, emerging companies and even migrants seeking asylum coexist with a common objective: to offer spaces of expression from which to fight against exclusion.

Catering area and urban art in the Cour de la Chapelle - Picture from Yes We Camp's Flickr

Solidarity is one of the fundamental pillars of Les Grands Voisins, which started a little over a year ago. The location chosen for its start-up was the old Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital, located a stone's throw from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. This hospital dates back to the 17th century, although it has been in disuse for more than a decade.

For some years now, it has served as accommodation for more than half a thousand migrants and people in vulnerable situations. However, from time to time, the 22,000 m2 of extension of this old hospital not only house centers, but also other facilities with creative proposals that have managed to invigorate this kind of urban village. The result is a place that does not go unnoticed either among the neighbors themselves or among the visitors.

What will you find in Les Grands Voisins?

The Cafet'mobile and verview of the Lingerie and Colombanio - Picture Yes We Camp's Flickr

Les Grands Voisins is home to a variety of venues including bars, workshops, art galleries, shops, conference rooms and, above all, numerous outdoor areas.

L'Oratoire is a café-restaurant that offers inexpensive and healthy dishes based on fresh and seasonal ingredients. What used to be the lingerie room of the old hospital is now a night bar offering weekend DJ sessions. There’s also Chez Ghada, a restaurant of experimental cuisine that allows diners to try dishes from different parts of the world.

As far as the shops are concerned, Les Grands Voisins is home to shops selling clothing, accessories, decoration and plants. The common denominator is that absolutely all items are handmade.

One Sunday a month, a crowded solidarity market is held in the enclosure, in which artisans take advantage to put on sale their creations. Les Grands Voisins, moreover, has a full program of activities that makes this urban village always full of life.

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