When we head off for a stay in a town, the first thing we want to do after the travel is to discover nice places to feel the atmosphere and start well the stay. That’s why when you arrive to Gare de Lyon in Paris, you should directly go to Ground Control, a perfect place to have a drink, to eat or get some fresh air in a pleasant and convivial ambiance. 

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What is Ground Control? 

Ground Control is a big place located 81 rue du Charolais. With its 4500 square meters of inside activities and its terrace of 1500 square meters, you will find there a large choice of stores to have a drink a snack, a lunch, a dinner… It’s the perfect place for you if you enjoy cosmopolitan gastronomy. But Ground Control is a place when you can discover many things too, and where you could spend more time that you thought. Indeed, the place presents expositions, meetings about society subjects, and they have their own radio channel with many different programs and concerts broadcasted! 

Ground Control values 

All the restaurants present there signed a quality chart, so they commit to use organic and local products so the consumers clearly know where the products they eat and drink are from. Moreover, you will find a small vegetable garden and a very affordable plant concept store on the terrace so everyone can find a very cheap plant. The terrace is a perfect place to chill out in summer, and it shows that urban gardens are essential to feel good in a huge city. 

Everybody in Ground Control gave undertaking to reduce the no-recycling waste the most possible and to use products which can be composted. Everyone tries hard to save water, electricity and to use non toxic cleaning products.

Ground Control is part of the rehabilitation project “Premières heures” so they employ 2 people every week to maintain the gardens. In 2018, Ground Control collaborated with the “Refugee Food Festival” and work with refugee cooks

The togetherness is present everywhere. Indeed, if you want to eat there, you will find big tables so you can meet people, talk with them if you want… 

The workshop and gallery

​The “Pantographe” is dedicated to arts and collaborates with the Musée de Poche every week. 

The Gallery presents not only art works but also workshops, so you can see artists from Paris and other places creating and progressing. 

In the Studio 81, José Canavatte makes you discover photographers from different walks of life, proposes limited series pictures for a really affordable price and photography initiation workshops

If Ground Control is a perfect place to begin your stay, it’s perfect to conclude it too. Indeed, with its fabulous atmosphere and so many good products to enjoy, it’s the ideal place to wait for your Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train. ​

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