If you want to have a great different New Year’s Eve and spend your Christmas holidays in an old but cosmopolitan and modern city, Paris is your place. Now the trains of Renfe-SNCF en Coopération connect France and Spain and can get you to Paris in a few hours. If you are still hesitating, we are going to take show you the best activities, plans and places to be on this special night.

A new year coming

Boy, does time fly when you’re having fun. And while it seems only yesterday that we were hanging up decorations and popping champagne bottles to welcome the new and exciting year of 2016, the truth is that it is that time of year again, and 2017 is only moments away. The crossing over into the New Year is a moment full of excitement, motivation and hope, and that certainty that all that is bad will fade away, and that so many amazing things are hiding just around the corner, can be a hard thing to come by during other times of the year. And yet on this one day, it seems the entire world leaves all their troubles behind, lets their hair down, and celebrate all the great things that have happened, and that are still to come. This unique and irreplicable moment only comes around once a year, making so extremely important to choose the right location. Enter Paris!

Champs Elysées with fireworks

If what you are looking for is a fun, popular place full of atmosphere, with an entire crowd counting down the last seconds of the year and cheering at the stroke of midnight, the Champs Elysées is definitely the place for you. Decorated and ready from one far end to the other, the world’s most beloved boulevard is where everyone who wants a good New Years party goes, locals and tourists alike. It is said the occasion can attract over 350,000 people every year, and although this may sounds somewhat claustrophobic and overcrowded, the large open spaces on the avenue and sidewalks allow for more than enough space for everyone to pleasantly enjoy their evening among a great group of family and friends. On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve the Champs Elysés is closed off to cars and automobiles, making it perfectly safe for groups to gather, and even sit on the streets with their picnics and celebratory beverages, to dive into the New Year in the perfect way. New Year’s Day also offers great activities, with an incredibly festive parade along the still closed Champs Elysées around 10am.

The streets of Paris

Christmas lights decorations in the streets of Paris

But this is far from all what Paris offers. Many take to strolling the streets of the City of Lights which, on this night, takes this nickname to quite another level. Spend some of your time roaming the streets of Paris, and you will see some of the city’s most beloved streets and monuments in a completely different light. From colorful to sparkling, with light shows and designs, several different sights, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc du Triomph and cathedrals, among others, become equally as festive as the Parisian population, and show off their own share of holiday cheer and festivity. Still adorned with all the incredible christmas lights, added with some New Year’s specialities, makes any square, street or building, a simply magical sight on such an incredible night.

A different night

Views from a cruise down the river Seine

And if what you prefer is a somewhat quieter and more elegant celebration of 2017 and all the good tidings it will bring, there is no classier and more elegant way to celebrate this wonderful occasion than a beautiful cruise down the river Seine. Boats and barges of all types offer different cruises down Paris’ lovely river, including dinner and champagne cruises themed especially for this memorable night. Whether you are hoping to spend the night with significant other, or would just prefer a more relaxed celebration, sailing down the calm and soothing river, with exquisite food and drinks, while watching the incredible views and sights of Paris slowly gliding by. Dinner cruises tend to be slightly earlier, but if you book far enough in advance, you can sign up for the champagne and drinks cruises which start around 11pm to 11.30pm, allowing you to spend that special midnight moment on the water, while toasting to an exquisite glass of french champagne. And how about staying in one of Paris’ most luxurious (and affordable!) hotels or resorts after such a wonderful evening?

So circle that fabulous date on your calendar, and start counting down the days, and prepare to send the first hours of fantastic 2017 in the beautiful city of Paris! Buy your Renfe-SNCF en Coopération tickets today!

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