​​​Paris is the city in which we all think when we talk about gastronomy and nightlife. If you also want to discover the flavors of Parisian food and drinks, you are in luck. Now you can travel to Paris in the most comfortable and fast way with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains. Relax in the large seats, enjoy the trip as you watch the scenery run across the window and prepare your itinerary for these 6 trendy places to spend a night in Paris.


Restaurant Le Cinq​

 A transparency of Campari orange and ginger at Le Cinq

If haute cuisine is what you are looking for, Le Cinq is the trendy place for you to eat in Paris. Here you can enjoy a menu of 4 Michelin stars and avantgarde cooking. One of the star dishes is Transparency of Campari Orange and Ginger. It is a transparent bubble that is eaten whole and melts in the mouth in an explosion of flavors. Here is also recommended to take a look at the wine list, the most complete, to accompany the great food. 


One of the most select and modern places to eat in Paris is l'Avenue. This brasserie is located directly opposite the Christian Dior boutique on Avenue Montaigne. L'Avenue is often visited by celebrities and famous people such as Kim Kardashian or Rafa Nadal. Here you can taste typical French food from breakfast to dinner. And when the cutlery and dishes have been put away, you can enjoy a much more lively and festive atmosphere with DJs from midnight.​

Le Comptoir

Yves Camdeborde - Facebook Hotel Relais Saint Germain

Le Comptoir is the restaurant of the Hotel Paris Relais Saint Germain. This is one of the trendiest places in Paris because of its famous chef, Yves Camdeborde who, together with his team, strives to offer its guests the whole spirit of Parisian cuisine through the freshest ingredients and the best quality raw material. For this reason this is also a place frequented by celebrities and people of high social class. Here you come to see and to be seen while enjoying a fantastic menu. Isn’t that the spirit of Paris anyway?​

Dirty​ Dick

The excellent tropical inter​ior of the Dirty Dick
If you are looking for a good place to have drinks, one of the trendiest places in Paris is the Dirty Dick. The place has a tropical theme of the most fun, which invites you to smile and relax. This is the center of fruit-based cocktails, glasses set on fire, and the most modern Paris crowd. Dirty Dick offers a drink called "Polynesian Remedy" and defines it as "the antidote to your daily routine". Maybe you should go and try their medicine to know how effective it is.


Le Bar Lo​ng

Another trendy place in Paris is thisbar of the Hotel Le Royal Monceau. It is called Le Bar Long because its elongated and narrow shape is designed to skip the conventions as far as bars are concerned. Instead of a waiter who is behind a bar and walks to serve customers in a row, this place tries to spur conversation, casual encounters and relaxed atmosphere. The usual clientele is made up of successful lawyers, finance professionals and all kinds of high class guests. If you want to enjoy the beautiful terrace, we recommend you book in advance.


Exclusiveness and culture is what you will find at Silencio​ ​​

David Lynch fans will be delighted with this venue inspired in Mulholland Drive, Twin Peaks and other works by this famous director​. This trendy place only accepts members and guests before midnight. From midnight the entrance is free, but select. It is a place that inherits the tradition of the French salons, the clubs of London and other cultural landmarks. Artists and intellectuals are welcome to this place which is not just a bar. You can also enjoy an art gallery, a 24-seat cinema, a library, a smoking room and a stage.

Here are our recommendations for the best trendy places to spend a night in Paris. Now is your turn. Choose the train that best fits your needs and create your perfect itinerary to spend an unforgettable night in Paris. 


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