​​​​​​​​No other city attracts lovers as Paris does. The City of Light is the favourite destination for those travelling in couple and even more during Saint Valentine, when Paris gets a special shine. 

If you want to experience a different Saint Valentine’s Day, give a pleasant surprise to your better half with a short trip to most romantic European capital. Book your Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high-speed train!

Wander around the narrow streets of Montmartre and soak up the bohemian spirit of the area. Have a portrait of yourself made by one of the artists in the neighborhood and let the drawing become a special souvenir of the trip. And this area hides a little treasure: the "I love you" wall, just next to the Abbesses metro. “Je t’aime” is written in more than 300 languages on a wall of 40 square meter. Idea from the artists: Frédéric Baron and Claire Kitode.

Walk the most renowned patisseries and get a selection of the typical macarons. Ladurée or Pierre Hermé are some of the temples dedicated to the enjoyment of these desserts and have flavors you cannot even imagine. 

Visit the Pont des Arts (Bridge of Arts), symbol for love, where until recently tourists placed padlocks with the names of the couple or love messages in its handrail. 

Stroll along the banks of the Seine or get on board of one of the cruises that navigate the river. For Valentine's Day, enjoy an evening out for two, rich in colour and emotion. Savour a menu specially designed to celebrate the occasion, combining flavours and creativity. Toast with Champaign while sailing and celebrate you are still deep in love with each other.

Taste the French cuisine from one of the city icons. The emblematic Eiffel Tower offers a special menu for the nights of February 13 and 14, which pays tribute to the country’s gastr​on​omy. Remember: it is just a dinner for two.​

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