​​Since 2013, Tarragona there is a special celebration in the town: “Tarragona, town of Castells”, which goal is make famous and emblematic part of its cultural heritage not only for the region inhabitants, but for tourists come from everywhere in the world. You don’t know this tradition? So it’s a good reason to organize a travel to Catalonia! It’s so easy! Just book your Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train tickets now and go to live unforgettable moments in Tarragona. 

The tradition

La Plaça de La Font, the scenario of many castellers shows in Tarragona

A Castell -castle- is a human tower, with several floors. The child, light and agile, climbs to the top of the tower and there, touches the sky, after what, he starts the descent and deconstruction of the tower. At the origin, it’s said that these towers, then smaller, where built during the Valencians dance. Hundreds of years after, the tradition was extended around Tarragona and in the whole Catalonia, and the human tower finally was differentiated from the traditional dance. Nowadays, the towers can possess between 6 and 10 floors! In 2010, this tradition was recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO.

The Colles castelleres 

Exhibition of Castells in Plaça de la Font during the festivities of Santa Tecla

A Colla Castellera is a group of castellers, persons who belong to the different parts of the tower and form it. In Catalonia there are about sixty Collas. Several Colles can be in a same place to offer a traditional show to Catalans and tourists. The Collas are independent and every of them wears its own colors which represent their town, their village, or their university. Everybody can belong to a colla; men, women, children… everybody participates in the construction of the towers. They train themselves all year long to present shows and participate to the different regional competitions.

A competition every two years… 

Every two years, a competition, became the most longed for moment for Castells lovers, takes place in Tarragona. The Castells are built in the old arena of the town and it’s almost impossible to see the ground because of the huge and incredible number of persons there! Among the 40 Collas present there, the one who builds the highest castell, in a most aesthetic way, is declared the winner.

The dates

The next edition will take place from June 24th, to September 24th and the town organizes guided tours so you can know better, not only the town, but all the places where the Colles will make shows too so you can see many! You will find the program in the tourist office and everywhere in Tarragona! 

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