​​​Tarragona is also known as the “Mediterranean Balcony”, since it is located on a hill above the Mediterranean Sea with an excellent view of the beaches. The name Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) refers to the golden colour of its wide sandy beaches. 

​​Even if tourists usually come to Tarragona in summer, we give you some good reasons for visiting the city in winter. Just take one of our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation​ High Speed trains and discover and enjoy Tarragona! 

In harmony with nature

Photos of Tamarit Castle 

The beaches of the Costa Daurada are the favourite places for tourists in summer but we invite you to discover them in winter too. You will, of course, not be laying on the beach and sunbathing, but you can do long walks with your friends and family and feel the Mediterranean wind purifying your lungs. It is also the perfect time to enjoy the quiet and uncrowded coast and being in harmony with nature.

​If you wish to discover the flora and fauna in a very special way, you have many trails that take you to Punta de la Mora, where the green nature, pine trees and the vegetation -meadows of Posidonia- will make you fall in love with this coast in winter. 

​At the mouth of Gaià river and the Tamarit beach, you will be at the perfect place to discover birds, since more than 80 species have been seen here. It is a fascinating activity for the whole family. 

For History lovers... 

Photos of Miravet Castle 

If you like History, you can visit the Castle of Miravet, close to the Ebro river, and the historical district of Tarragona, where the narrow streets -from the Rambla to the Cathedral passing by the Campo de Marte park- have a very special charm. Do not hesitate to stop in its small restaurants and taste some winter specialities. Some of them perhaps still offer calçots (green onions)... 

The Calçotada is celebrated on the 24th of January, since this day is considered as the peak of the season and it is when these vegetables, from the family of the onion, are gathered. 

Later, you should continue your tour to the Roman Circus and then to the Amphitheatre, which is still so well preserved that you can even feel the past of this city! 

Festivals and celebrations

The Correfoc 

The Fiesta Mayor of Salou is celebrated in February. On the day of the Cos Blanc, you can enjoy a parade of more than twenty carriages and thousands of people dressed in costumes, which are accompanied by a rain of confetti expelled by the confetti bombs that are placed everywhere in the streets.

The Xatonada Popular de El Vendrell will allow you to taste the xató (a very popular Catalan dish) in the first Sunday of February. More than 2000 rations are distributed all daylong and a competition allows you to elect the xató Master. It is without any doubt a winter speciality that has to be discovered! 

​The carnival is another reason to visit the Costa Daurada with your family or friends in winter. It doesn’t matter if you go to Xurigué of Calafell, Tarragona or Reus, you will have extraordinary moments and thus, you will forget your daily routine. Hidden behind your mask, you can do almost everything!

The Costa Daurada is charming during the whole year but in winter it allows you to recharge your batteries in the heart of the still sleeping nature with your family or friends. On the way back home, while you are siting in a comfortable train of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, you will have time to think about your next trip!  

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