​​​​​​​Have your ever heard of Tarragona? The truth is that this city of history, culture, gastronomy, beaches and much more is one of Catalonia’s best kept secrets. Why did I not know about this place, I hear you ask? Don´t worry, after reading this article, you will have all the information you need to get on a Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high-speed train and discover Tarragona by yourself.  

​To help you take complete advantage of the day, we have planned out the perfect itinerary for you. 

Balcón del Mediterraneo 

You can enjoy beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea 

The main area of Tarragona is packed with shops, restaurants, ice cream parlours and on certain days, there is a street market that is located all the way down along the central pedestrian promenade called the New Rambla. Before you start exploring, though, let us tell you that the best view in Tarragona can be seen from the Mediterranean Balcony that you can find walking up the steps. You cannot miss it. The view is amazing as from the 40 meters altitude, you can see the entire coastline and imagine relaxing on the beach after a busy morning! 



Roman theatre of Tarraco 

​This is an uphill walk from the Mediterranean Balcony so it’s a good thing to start the day with. You can see a lot of it from the street as you walk around to the entrance. You will just feel the history oozing off the ancient ruins, another UNESCO world heritage site that was built in the Roman era with many stories to tell once you step inside. 

The Amphitheatre Park  

​After a touch of history, why not take a lovely rest on one of the park benches in the peaceful Amphitheatre Park? It is a beautiful calm, green area where you can walk, relax or even have a picnic if you like.  

Roman Circus and Praetorian Tower 


The Praetorian Tower was later a Norman fortress and even a palace for the kings of Aragon 

Next, we are onto the famous Roman Circus where we will be very impressed by the horse and chariot racing track that runs under the area which was once the seating area. Most of the area above the track was built on but only a small part is still visible. The track goes straight to the Praetorian Tower which was used to link the lower city to the provincial forum and later, for many other things, serving even as a prison!  

Now, why not stopping to have some lunch in one of Tarragona’s many great restaurants where you can find local, delicious cuisine at very reasonable prices? 

The house of the Festival (Casa de la Festa) 

After lunch, if you would like to know more about Catalan traditions and see some of the statues and items used in the typical local festivals, this is the place to come. The children particularly love it here as there are various characters like dragons and other animals. This is one of the few places that still pay tribute to important Catalan traditions, so it is a must-see if you are eager to learn more about wonderful Catalonia. 

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