​When we think of Spanish coast or visit Catalonia almost always think of Barcelona. But today we want to talk about one of the jewels of the Costa Dorada that many overlook: Tarragona. This coastal city offers the visitor a rich history, lively social and cultural life and proximity to one of the most visited theme parks in Europe: Port Aventura World and its new launch, Ferrari Land

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Tarragona, the Roman treasure of the Costa Dorada

The Ferreres Aqueduct​ or Devil's Bridge

Less than an hour from Barcelona is Tarragona, a true Roman treasure for the quantity and good conservation of buildings and monuments of this time. Tarraco was founded in 218 BC, and soon became center of the commerce and the Roman economy in the Iberian Peninsula. Today, 2235 years later, it is the perfect place to spend a vacation with family or friends. Here not only lovers of history and archeology will enjoy. Tarragona also has 14 kilometers of coastline for lovers of the beach, a rich social and cultural life and also hosts the XVIII Mediterranean Games of 2018.

Between 11 and 28 May you have a unique opportunity in Tarragona. You can travel in time and transport yourself to the daily life of the Roman Empire. During this period, gladiators and patricians take to the streets of Tarragona, there are exhibitions and recreations of activities of the time and even some restaurants serve dishes prepared as the Romans did more than two millennia ago. In addition, throughout the year you can visit the amphitheater, the aqueduct and the many vestiges that the Romans left in this area.

Roman amphitheatre of Tarragona​

But Tarragona has much more than ancient history to offer. Here in the eighteenth century arose a strange and traditional festival that consists of making human towers. These towers are called "castells" (castles) and can reach 10 meters in height. The "castellers" take Tarragona between June 24th and October 2nd, with activities, exhibitions and, of course, castells, all over the city. It is a great time to visit Tarragona and enjoy this tradition. Finally, the other great attraction of this city is that it is less than half an hour away from Port Aventura World and its latest novelty: Ferrari Land.

History, adrenaline and speed at Ferrari Land​

On April 7 of this year 2017 Ferrari Land opened its doors to welcome adventure and motor enthusiasts. This is the latest expansion of the Port Aventura World amusement park. It is about 70,000 square meters dedicated to the brand of the cavallino rampante, with all sorts of experiences that will delight big and small. The theme park is divided into two main parts: the Ferrari Experience and the Attractions and Games. Ferrari Experience is a building of 4,000 square meters that houses several areas dedicated to the brand. Here you can find the Ferrari Land Gallery and Racing Legends.

But if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, you must visit the Ferrari Land Attractions and Games. The theme park star is the Red Force roller coaster. It is the highest accelerator in Europe and aims to mimic the experience of driving a Formula 1 car. That is why the brave ones who ride will experience an acceleration from 0 to 180 km/h in just 5 seconds. To complete the Ferrari experience, you can climb to the two Thrill Towers, one of which is a free fall and the other mimics the up and down movements of a piston of a Ferrari engine. There are also attractions designed for the youngest of the family, such as the Kids Podium and the Junior Championship.

 The Red Force roller coaster at Ferrari Land. Image: Facebook

The final touch of Ferrari Land is the theme of the whole area. Here you can find representations and recreations of important Italian buildings that were relevant in the history of Ferrari and in the life of its founder, Enzo Ferrari. You no longer have to travel to Italy to see the bell tower of St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice, Enzo Ferrari's house, La Scala Theater in Milan or the Coliseum in Rome.

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