Travelling by train is always an incredible experience which offers many advantages. It’s a safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly way which permits you to get relaxed, to enjoy the beautiful views and to have many activities without caring about anything else. If you travel with a young child, it’s the best option ever! So, let’s see the advantages you and your family get when you choose to travel with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation​ when you travel between France and Spain. 

The comfort! 

​Travelling by train with a child is much more comfortable than any other means of transport. On one hand because you can take place in your seat and let us lead you in a safe way; on the other hand, because even the youngest travellers can enjoy this comfort, in a seat next to you, for only 9€! 

Enjoy the trip with your child without paying attention to the traffic

Sharing moments 

​We drive you to Spain. It can seem simple but it’s one of the main advantages of the train. Indeed, it lets you free to do everything you want, so you can take care of your child and enjoy the moments you spend with him/her. You can decide to observe the landscape and share emotions with him/her so that travelling by train can become a really privileged moment!

Curled up snugly in your armchair, you will be free to get so relaxed that for sure your child can have a nap on you. Then you can choose to doze off with him or to read a book or a magazine. 

When he/she wakes up, why not tell him/her a story? If you have a book, puppets, or just enough talent to improvise and interpret a role, the place is ideal to share an original moment of ingenuity and fancy. You can even play with him/her there! 

Feel free! 

​One of the biggest advantages of the train is that you can feel free to walk to stretch your legs with your child when you want! Children are always happy to visit and discover different places, so let’s go to the buffet car! Many parents go there with their children, so your baby will find friends to play with for sure! Going there with a baby is always a success, even the teenagers enjoy playing with babies! 

Do not worry about anything else than enjoying these moments with your baby

Save time and get relaxed 

​All the parents know that travelling with one or several young children involves carrying many things! One of the other big advantages of the train is that you can take with you all the stuff you need: nappies and lotions to change him/her, but his/her cuddly toy too, and why not a few toys? And for you, it’s always good to have music, books, magazines, your tablet or your computer… Thanks to the train, you can take all of it with you so when you are on board, you can get relaxed. 

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