​Cruising along the sea, light breeze through the air, nothing but sunshine- there is nothing better than a boat trip in the summer! Take in the beautiful Balearic Sea sunset of the Mediterranean Sea with an incredible boat trip in the countries of France and Spain! With Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation’s new high speed trains running between France and Spain, you can get to your destination fast, and enjoy your seafaring adventure out on the captivating waters!


Port of Barcelona

Leaving out of Barcelona’s picturesque Port Olimpic, you can spend the afternoon sailing on the smooth waters with incredible views of Barcelona city and it’s surrounding mountainous landscape. Stop and take a swim, or just simply escape the crowded beaches for the day (or a few hours- depending on your preferences). Have some drinks and snacks on board, and, with the help of a captain and co-captain, learn about sailing and even get hands-on experience! Going out in the water for a swim with the incredible city skyline of Barcelona as your backdrop is an experience you will remember for a lifetime. Key tip: go for a sail at sunset to truly experience the beauty of this Spanish coastal city to its maximum! Intrigued by Barcelona? Did you know these legendary tales about the magical city?


 Port and rails of Tarragona

Explore the wonders of the incredible city of Tarragona with a unique boating excursion in the Costa Dorada/Salou area. Take a catamaran ocean fly and experience the Mediterranean Sea like you never have before! Gliding over gentle blue waters, with silent breezes, only to be interrupted by the lapping of the waves against the boat and the intermittent seagull cry. Relaxation at its finest! Meant to hold large amounts of people, the catamaran boat trip takes you to some of Spain’s most beautiful beaches, and can drop anchor just about anywhere- perfect for an impromptu dip in the water! Enjoy a leisurely swim, or lie in the sun from the comfort of the boat- this catamaran trip is one not to skip out on! See this guide to Spanish for your travels!


Port of Sète

One of France’s best kept secrets, the town of Sète offers some of the most incredible boating excursions in the Mediterranean Sea. If you’re on the hunt for the bluest waters and incredible mountain views along the French Riviera, look no further than Sète! Packed with numerous canals, there are endless water adventures awaiting you. Eith the lone hill of Mont St-Clair, the sea in front of you, and the Thau lagoon at your back (complete with salt-water living mussels and osyters), combined with some of the finest, unsung beaches in all of France along the tiny stretch of landing separating the lagoon and the sea, this French city couldn’t offer more to a boating junkie. Most of the locals have little boats in order to go out shopping, and the whole atmosphere of the town is one of constant movement- both on land and in the water! A bustling, unfiltered Mediterranean town at its finest. Coordinate your trip to Sète with one of these unmissable French festivals!


 Calanques of Marseille

Renowned for its quant charm of a port town, Marseille, France definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to boat outings. Complete with a beautiful harbor, its islands, and the world-famous Calanques(narrow inlets formed from limestone or dolomite located along the Mediterranean coast) from Marseille to Cassis. These fascinating formations create views that are unlike anything you have seen. The spectacular blue-green waters in between steep, rocky inlets are truly incredible. Take a sailboat, a motorboat, or a large catamaran and visit the mesmerizing water town of Marseille! Continue your journey along the breathtaking Mediterranean coast!

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