​​​​​​Does your ideal vacation mean wandering through a new city, with no plan but to see what piques your interest? Or are you methodical, trying to hit as many cultural sights as possible? Do you want to spend a night on the town, dancing at the hottest clubs, or is a full day of shopping more your thing? Whichever your travel personality, Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation’s high speed trains from Spain to France have the perfect destinations for any type of traveler. ​

​​Carcassonne, France

Carcassonne N417-L copyright Paul Palau​

Is your head often lost in another world? Do you find yourself dreaming of being part of a fairytale or do you simply love the magic of ancient history? For all the romantics out there, a visit to Carcassonne must not be missed. A truly historic place, this medieval fortified city dates back to the Gallo-Roman times and said to be the inspiration behind Disney’s The Sleeping Beauty, complete with still intact stonewalls and drawbridges. You might get lost in the cobblestone squares, or take a walk along the Canal du Midi, one of Carcassonne’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This beautiful city truly brings the Middle Ages back to life.​

Costa Brava, Spain

Calella Palafrugell​ - Costa Brava

Is the best way to relax by breaking a sweat? Do you prefer to swim, hike, bike, or all three? For the outdoorsy and adventurous, a trip to Spain’s Costa Brava is what you need. Stretching along the coast from northeast of Barcelona to the border of France, this rugged coast offers a plethora of attractions along with breathtaking views. In this area, where the mountains meet the sea, you can explore rural paths along volcanoes and rivers via bicycles, or simply relax at any of the nearby fishing villages, like Palafrugell. No matter what you choose, beautiful landscapes are everywhere you look.​
Bring your bike to Costa Brava and experience the beauty on two wheels! Do you prefer two feet? Explore the rampart walks of Costa Brava!

​​​​​Montpellier, France

​​​Main square - Montpellier 

When you think France, does your first thought come to fashion, instead of food? Are you always ahead of the next trend, or love to be seen at the newest hot spot? If so, the city of Montpellier is for you. With roughly one third of the population comprised of students, this young and stylish city is perfect for your vibrant personality. The rich, historic sites like el Arco de Triunfo (Arc of Triumph​) mix with the urban neighborhoods of Antigone and Odysseum, making for a truly avant-garde experience. Shop antiques or luxury fashion along the pedestrian-only Rue de La Loge, or immerse yourself in unique cultural activities, such as Montpellier Danse, the annual summer festival that hosts the world’s biggest choreographers and dance companies.​ You want to know more about what to do in Montpellier ? Check out our Montpellier's page here​.

​​Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona 

Do you love spectacular buildings? Are you in awe of grand views of city skylines? Is sight seeing one of your favorite travelling activities? Barcelona is, hands down, an absolute must see for anyone who loves architecture. From el Catedral de Santa Eulalia (known as the Barcelona Cathedral) in Barrio Gótico, to the unparalleled marvel of Gaudí;s 200 year work-in-progress Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s abundance of inspiring architecture will have your head spinning. Stroll through the city and you’re sure to stumble upon a sculpture. See the Raval Cat, in this increasingly trendy Barcelona neighborhood, or take a walk along the beach in Port Olympic and find the giant lobster created by Javier Mariscal for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.​ Can’t get enough of Gaudí? No trip is complete without visiting these spectacular sites!

Lyon, France

View of the city - Lyon ​

Have you an urban life style? Is the fast-paced life your kind of style? Do you resonate with the words “city slicker”? France’s third largest city, Lyon is right up your alley. A central banking metropolis, as well as an industrial and commercial powerhouse with an emerging start-up scene, Lyon has everything to offer. Filled with busy nightlife and extremely diverse culture, Lyon will keep you busy all hours of the day (and night). Indulge in the upscale boutiques, or explore one of the nine different neighborhoods, each with its own distinct beat. Also known as the City of Lights, you can enjoy a cocktail in Old Town, or go out dancing at a disco at La Grange Au Bouc. Embark on an incredible gastronomic adventure, and enjoy some of the best food France can offer in one of Lyon’s “bouchons”. Looking for some good food after a night out on the town? Try one of these 6 dishes you have to taste if you visit Lyon!

Madrid, Spain

Museo del Prado - Madrid 

Perhaps you like art, but not so much all the ​sight seeing? Can you get lost in a museum for hours? Are you the first to know about an upcoming exhibit, or love to show your friends the latest undiscovered artist, sure to make it big? Visit Madrid and discover a whole new world of art in the capital of Spain. With 21 different museums, there is sure to be something for everyone. To start, you can visit el Museo del Prado, founded in 1819 and one of the most visited sites in the world. Next, make your way to The Sofia, to see one of the world’s largest collections of contemporary modern art, as well as 20th century art, including works by Dalí and Miró, and most famously Picasso’s Guernica. There is sure to be a work of art to capture the attention of any type of art aficionado. If you’re visiting Madrid, you can’t miss these most famous works of art! 
And after a long day at the museum, unwind and enjoy a traditional dish from Madrid!

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