Summer is a time when school is out, and the opportunities for fun are endless. The sun is shining, and what better way to celebrate the season than being active outdoors? Commemorate the best season of the year and take part in the best summer sports in France and Spain. With Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, you can travel between France and Spain via their new high-speed trains- you won’t have to miss out on one single outdoor activity this summer in either country!


Windsurf in Marseille

Not only is Marseille France’s largest city on the Mediterranean coast, as well as the main commercial and freight port, but it is also one of the most popular sailing city destinations. Due to the wind conditions, regattas are formed in the warm waters, making sailing in this port town absolutely perfect. Most of the seasons, the port can be windy while the sea remains smooth, making for a wonderful combination, especially during the summer with the warm temperatures. Marseille has been the host of 8 of France’s Match Race events, part of the World Match Racing Tour, drawing the world’s best sailing teams to the city. With perfect sailing conditions and incredible views of France’s Mediterranean coast, what more could you ask for this summer? Coming from Spain? See all you can do along the way from Madrid to Marseille!


Tennis player in Cannes

France is well known for being a tennis-playing country, especially with their annual Wimbledon, and tennis is played all over the country. In 1879, however, the was only one tennis court in France, located in Cannes. By 1881, several tennis courts were installed, and in 1907 the Cannes Tennis Club was created, which is still very active today. Located near the sea, Cannes provides a perfect summery background to the tennis courts. Take in the summer sun while playing tennis in one of the world’s oldest “tennis towns,” and let the sea breeze cool you down as you work up a sweat this summer. Experience the rich cultural and historical Cannes today!


Trekkin girl going to Montserrat

While most people come to Barcelona for the urban atmosphere, sometimes a little escape from the noise and city is just what you need! One of the most famous destinations in Barcelona and Catalonia, Montserrat is the perfect day trip for those looking to get a little bit of fresh air, nature, and exercise near the city. Montserrat is a religious site, with a very famous basilica, monastery, and museum, but offers beautiful hikes as well. SantJeroni is a hiking trail that leaves from behind the monastery, giving you incredible Dr. Seuss-like views of huge, rounded rock structures and formations, as well as peaks that make the views from Montserrat so memorable. SantJeroni is at 1,236 meters, and offers incredible 360-degree views stretch from Barcelona all the way until Penedès. This hike takes a few hours, but isn’t too challenging- it can be done as a family activity. Experience a different side of Barcelona with these music festivals!

Costa Brava

Guy snorkeling in Costa Brava

Stretching along the coast for 160 kilometers between Spain and France, Costa Brava’s breathtaking, rugged coastline offers some of the world’s best scuba and off-shore diving. At Mar Menuda, in one of Costa Brava’s villages of Tossa de Mar, you can see around 200 marine species- including lobsters, eel, octopus, and maybe even dolphins and tuna fish that live in the deeper waters. Submarine certifications are offered at many locations, as well as diving lessons for all ages! What better way to cool off this summer than spending the day in the underwater world! After a day of exploring the waters, relax along the beach or continue your adventures along the coast via bike or through the wilderness by foot! Explore the rampart walks of Costa Brava!

With Renfe-SNCF en Coopération, your summer sport adventures can be fulfilled. Book now to experience all the summer beauty across Spain and France!

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