​​​​​​​​​​If you’re planning a vacation or even a short trip to Spain or France you simply have to include a pit stop to try some of the tasty sweets these countries have to offer. Something that you’ll find is that many towns claim to be the true inventor of the sweet but after our research we have found the following cities to be the real masters of these sweets. Get your sweet tooth ready to travel through some of the best desserts in the world with ​high speed train ​Re​nfe-SNCF en Coopération!



Home-made Buñuelos - Mtam, Wikimédia Commons ​

This famous pastry is a small fried ball of dough that has some flavors added to it and finished off with a sweet topping. These can also contain sweet fillings inside such as a cream, chocolate or anything else that can be entered inside these small little fried pastries. These became very popular as something to eat during the celebration of “Todos los Santos” (All of the Saints). These are now as popular as the churros are in Madrid and are also often eaten during “El día de las vírgenes” as well as many other times during the year. ​


Churros with chocolate

The arguments will continue further with the topic of which restaurant sells the absolute best churros in the city. The oldest place we found that still serves up hot and tasty churros and chocolate is called Chocolatería San Gines and has been operating since the year 1894. They are open 24 hours a day to serve up some of the best churros and chocolate in Madrid to customers of all ages and backgrounds. These sweets are long sticks of dough that are fried until crispy and many times covered in sugar. These are then dipped in hot chocolate but can also be dipped in other things such as café con leche (coffee with milk). These are typically eaten as a breakfast treat or as a snack/dessert. 


Crema Catalana 

This Spanish custard is quite similar to a crème brulee and consists of milk, cream, sugar, cinnamon, orange peels, vanilla and egg yolk. To caramelize the sugar the Spanish use an iron device that they heat up and then lightly touch the sugar, leaving it with some color and a crisp layer of caramelized sugar on top. This dessert can be found at almost every restaurant throughout this region of Spain but Barcelona is sure to have it in every authentic Spanish restaurant. The most typical day to serve crema catalana is on March 19TH to celebrate the day of San Jose (Saint Joseph), but you can certainly 


Some Macarons 

Although you may have seen these in many places the real origin is France. All through the country you can find wonderful bakeries making this dessert but Paris has many that will blow you away! This little pastry is a meringue-based confection that consists of two small cookies that are connected together with buttercream, jam or ganache. There are  a lot of flavors that use food coloring to distinguish them such as blueberry, almond, caramel, lemon, coconut, orange, ruse and many others. The best place to try these little sweets is Ladurée  was founded in 1862 and holds the reputation of being the best in town! You can pick up a box of macarons and head to one of these beautiful places to catch some views of the city! ​


Crepes with strawberry

This is a French classic dish that can be salty or sweet. One of the most classic ways to make these is with nutella or chocolate on the inside, as shown in the picture above. You can also add fruits such as bananas or strawberries inside of the crepe or fill it with different types of jam. This is a dish that you can get creative with and build it however you would like but the most classic way is with these fruits or with cheese, ham and vegetables such as mushrooms or peppers. There are a ton of places all over Paris that make these crepes but some of the best are the Creperie Broceliande and the Creperie d’Opera. 

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