​​​​​​​Everybody knows that Spanish gastronomy is famous in all the world. Even the fact that the tapas are one of the main plates in Spain is a secret for anyone. So it’s logical that for many years now, hundreds of restaurants celebrate the World Tapas’ Day all around the world. The goal of this celebration is to make more famous and the tapeo culture, so the habit of going out with friends to have drinks and of course, eating tapas! ​

This year, we wanted to participate to the celebration and we made it in the best way possible, linking France and Spain on high speed. For the World Tapas’ Day, which took place on June 15th, we took two famous french Chefs, Christophe and Damien who created 750 grams (a reference cooking book in France) so they know the marvellous Gastronomy in Barcelona and they immerse themselves in the tapeo culture. 

Marie and Ogur, two famous influencers in France, with thousands of followers, accompanied them and could discover too the catalan gastronomy and Barcelona city, 

Christophe and Damien had a very special mission, visit the shops and markets in Barcelona with a goal : buying typical products of the catalan cooking in order to celebrate the World Tapas’ Day with a demonstration in live in the Gare de Lyon in Paris

The kick-off of our “Tapa Operation” was given when the two chefs arrived in Barcelona on Friday in the afternoon. They first let their luggage in the Amister Hotel and then could enjoy a few minutes relaxing on their terrace, where they tasted an excellent wine of Penedés meanwhile the hotel director, Albert Serra, was talking about its properties. 

After this break, the visits began and came one after another. First, they went to one of the most traditional gourmet stores in Barcelona, Queviures Murria. Opened for more than 80 years, it keeps being a reference concerning cooked meat, cheese and wines. There, Christophe and Damien, could not only taste a few specialities, but they found products to fulfil their food basket, thinking of what they were going to prepare on Tuesday in Paris

After this visit, they went to the Calle Bailén, where the cheese store Dotze Grauz purposes the best cheeses in the city. One of the owner, Marc Martínez, explained that they gamble on a combination between catalan home-made cheeses and a selection of other cheeses from Spain and other parts in the world. A paradise for cheese lovers!

To have dinner, they went very near from there. In the Calle Córcega there is one of the best sandwiches and tapas restaurants in Barcelona. La Pepita. There they could regain strength after having being walking in the sun to find ingredients to celebrate the World Tapas’ Day. They could appreciate the owner’s kindness, Sofía Boixet, attentive and considerate so their night was unforgettable. Moreover she shared with them a few strange anecdotes about the place

The day after, the day began with the visit of one of the most traditional markets in Barcelona, la Boquería, which recently was recognized by the american channel CNN as one of the best markets in the world for the quality and variety of the fresh products. 

There, many stalls and sellers were waiting for them. They have told the story of the market. The variety of colours, tastes, textures and people who are on the market permit to live new experiences every day, and the two chefs particularly appreciate it! The were very interested in the different stories of the products and they could find there products they would use in Paris to present a typically spanish food stand. 

Visiting the Boquería is not complete if you don’t eat in one of the traditional bars, that is why they went to the Ramblero, one of the most famous there. After an interesting visit of the kitchen, where the Chefs could talk with the staff and cookers, of course, they tasted a few plates… Chipirons, tortilla de patatas, montaditos… all that with a good cava… It’s very difficult to choose between all the specialities so, let’s see and choose by yourself…

Replete, having a walk was essential, that’s why they went to the Barrio del Born to know a little bit more its story and to stroll in its streets, so interesting. In the Born, they stopped in Vila Viniteca, a wines shop opened for more than 80 years where the Chefs bought a few bottles of Priorat and el Penedés… 

Then, to choose the fruits and the vegetables, they went to the Brummel Hotel, where the Cooperative “El Rusc que diu que si” sometimes sells products that the farmers bring directly from their farm. In an amazing ambiance, they could talk with passionate people about fresh and natural products. Damien and Christophe discovered a few secrets about this kind of place, which are  developed in several towns in the world for a few years. 

In the evening, the two Chefs enjoyed a dinner in the Restaurant Tickets, directed by Chef Albert Adriá. There they could savour a few specialities and enjoy an avant-gardist food. 

The day after, it was time to get prepared and to travel to Paris, where a stand was there for the World Tapas’ Day, on June 15th. With all the products they had bought with them, the two Chefs spent the 6 travel hours imagining the plates they were going to propose in Paris

In Paris, many people, spanish and french journalists were there. The two Chefs, Damien and Christophe made a demonstration and showed what they had discovered in Barcelona during two days. For this occasion, Marie and Ogur where their assistants. The rest of the people who had been with them during the travel helped too, and of course, someone was there to cut the ham. Everybody there could enjoy a selection of typically spanish products. The Chefs prepared a very fresh Gazpacho, very appreciated in such a sunny and warm afternoon. The prepared many varied montaditos, enjoyed by all the people there… 

Even if they walked a lot during these three days, under a blazing sun, Damien and Christophe were really delighted to discover a few marvels of the gastronomy of Barcelona and to meet so many kind people. 



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