​​Spain and France are two of the European countries that are known for its young talents in the fashion world. If brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada or María Lafuente are now known all across the world, talented young fashion designers are becoming more famous every day. Take the time to learn more by reading this article while sitting comfortably on board a Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation High-Speed Train...

Young designers in France


Koché (2014) bears the name of its founder, Christelle Kocher, a Paris-based designer who, despite that fact, claims to stay away from the Parisian fashion cliché. Instead, she prefers to unleash her creativity and combine a variety of concepts— such as sports aesthetics and sequins. And thus, some of her main designs include football shirts with inlays, ornaments and even Swarovski beads.

New generations of designers arrive in here with innovative ideas along with state-of-the-art technology and innovation 


The French designer behind the Atlein brand, Antonin Tron is undoubtedly one of the most promising young designers on the current fashion scene. Founded in 2016, the company's collections focus on the body's energy and movement. The brand's key knitting is the snitch, which is present in most of its creations. His clothing is not only practical but also very feminine.



Simon Porte is not even thirty years old and he's already the great revelation of the French fashion industry. If there is one thing to like about his proposal, it's the way it's very fresh and different. This young Frenchman managed to find a balance between being creative and being merely commercial. His collection includes large accessories, brilliant colours and asymmetrical clothes.

 Fresh designs and glamorous shops that shine in many Parisian shop windows 

Léa Peckre

Born in Paris, Léa Peckre decided to enter the fashion world with her eponymous brand in 2011. This French designer draws inspiration from everyday scenes with a strong symbolism for her collections. A gothic and certainly dark theme is one of the marks of her identity. Furthermore, in 2019, she launched a project called 'Witches', with the goal of praising women's emancipation.

Young designers in Spain


La Condesa

Its romantic atmosphere with a touch of rock will certainly catch your eye. Marina Conde offers a wide range of clothing made from high-quality fabrics with unique prints, all handcrafted in Spain. 


Resulting from the joint work of David Salvador and Javier Zunzunegui, Habey offers an entire line of clothing for men and women. The designers also offer their services as tailors. 

Spain has a group of young designers who combine craft knowledge with the latest technologies, creating unique designs.


Moving from the world of top-level sports to the fashion realm is possible. Such was Adriana Cagigas' choice, who left her athletic career behind to devote herself to her second passion: fashion. The young designer proposes to discover the Japanese "wabi-sabi" artistic concept, which reflects the beauty of imperfections, and also promotes naturalness in her clothing lines. The patterns of dresses, jackets, trousers... all are made using traditional methods, and her fabrics are usually hand-dyed. 

Juan Carlos Pajares

A talented young designer, Juan Carlos Pajares is leaving a mark on the international fashion industry. You can visit his workshop located in Guadalajara by making an appointment. The designer offers some unique pieces, but also tailor-made sewing services for future married couples, the wedding guests or any other request...

Discover unique and exclusive designs in some of Spain's most important clothing stores

Leandro Cano

Leandro Cano is known for making creations that combine art and fashion. Indeed, his clothing looks more like artworks than clothes—something that did not fail to please Lady Gaga, a lover of all transgressive things. It would certainly be difficult to wear his creations on the street, but they have become a reference when it comes to creation and inspiration!

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