Christmas holidays wouldn’t be the same without the Christmas markets. In Zaragoza you can find some of the most beautiful and complete Christmas markets, just like those from Central Europe, but in the marvellous Spain. If you want to know more and visit the Christmas markets in Zaragoza, Renfe-SNCF en Coopération takes you there in just a few hours. Don’t miss the chance to see this impressive city in Christmas!

Main Christmas Market at Plaza del Pilar

Plaza del Pilar and panoramic views of Zaragoza

The most important Christmas market in Zaragoza takes place at Plaza del Pilar, in front of the huge Basílica del Pilar. This religious building is a monument itself and deserves a thorough visit, but in Christmas time, the lights, the decoration, and the Christmas market create a very special atmosphere.

This Christmas market is called Mercado de Comercio y Artesanía, and is organized by the artisans of the region of Aragon, of which Zaragoza is the capital. For this reason, here you can find all kinds of handcrafted goods and edibles. People buy here the figurines for the nativity scenes they place at home. You can also buy all kinds of handmade articles that make great Christmas presents. And don’t forget to taste all the delicious traditional foods and sweets that are sold in this Christmas market in Zaragoza. It is open every day in December from 11:00 to 21:00 and until midnight on weekends.

Christmas wishes tree in Zaragoza

But the Christmas market in Zaragoza is not the only interesting thing that you can see around here. People from Zaragoza use to say that the Plaza del Pilar and the surrounding area becomes a true Christmas village every year. This is because near the market there is a covered ice-skating rink, an artificial mountain where you can ride a sleigh, carousels for children, people singing Christmas carols, workshops, donkey rides for kids and a huge 11 metre tall Christmas wishes tree, where people can write their wishes on a piece of paper and hang them on the tree, hoping that all of them will come true.

Typical nativity scene

In addition to all these Christmas themed activities and the Christmas lights and decoration, the municipality of Zaragoza builds every year a giant nativity scene in natural size just outside the Christmas market in Zaragoza. This nativity scene of nearly 2000 m2 is composed by 100 full size figures and it is open for the public to walk around the little alleys until they reach Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in the centre.

Other Christmas markets in Zaragoza

Other interesting Christmas markets in Zaragoza are the charity markets. Many local associations and charities put little stores and markets around the city and collect money for their causes. But the most important ones are the AECC and the Intermon Oxfam ones.

AECC is the Spanish organization against cancer, and the market they create can be found at Plaza de los Sitios. Here you can buy many traditional foods from Zaragoza and Aragon and also typical music instruments and handcrafted goods.

The second  charity Christmas market in Zaragoza is the one created by Intermon Oxfam. The volunteers of IO collect donated toys, repair them, and sell them during the Christmas period in order to raise funds for their noble causes.

Antiquities and handcrafts

You can visit another Christmas market in Zaragoza in Plaza de San Bruno. This market actually opens every Sunday all year round, but it is a great place to find antiquities, books, handcrafts, collection items, paintings, and all kinds of rare articles that make fabulous Christmas presents. Don’t miss the chance to do a different kind of Christmas shopping!

As you can see, Christmas markets in Zaragoza have a lot to offer to the local and the visitor. Discover the Christmas spirit in Zaragoza and the benefits of travelling through Europe by train with Renfe-SNCF en Coopération and enjoy the warm atmosphere and the impressive Basílica del Pilar in just a few hours. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

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