Discover the best hiking routes in Provence with Renfe-SNCF en Coopération. Make the most of all the advantages of traveling by train, such as the convenience of traveling in a very ecological means of transport and the possibility of taking with you up to 3 pieces of luggage without paying any extra amount. With Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation you can get from Barcelona to Provence in less than four hours and enjoy these impressive hiking trails in one of the most beautiful regions of France.​

Sightseeing in Avignon

The first hiking trail that we want to suggest is one that will take you to see the most important places of the center of Avignon. In this city of the heart of Provence you can take a walking route that goes from the Avignon train station to the magnificent Papal Palace, passing by the Fondation Calvet, the Rue de la Peyrolerie, the Chapelle des Pénitents noirs, the Pont D'Avignon, the Rocher des Domes, the Hotel des Monnaies, and the Place du Palais.

The Lavender Hiking Route

View of the Lavender Route

Another hiking route in Provence that you cannot miss is the lavender route. Around Sault, the capital of lavender in France, you can find different trails and choose the most suitable for you. There are routes of different duration and difficulty, although the area is relatively flat and there is not too much slope to climb. One of the best routes in the area is the one that begins in Saint-Jean-de-Durfort and runs through the valley of lavender crops in circular direction to finish again in Saint-Jean-de-Durfort. We recommend that you take this Provence hiking route during the months of July and August, as that is when lavender plants bloom and you can enjoy the most beautiful views.

Hiking in Parc National des Cévennes

The hiking routes par excellence are found in national and natural parks. In French Provence we can find the impressive Parc National des Cévennes. Enjoy this park while you walk along the “Royal Route” or Regordane Way. This route is was one of the most important communication routes of medieval France and you can still walk it almost in full. In addition, in this national park you can find lots of different hiking routes. Some of them will take you to Mont Lozere or Mont Aigoual, but do not be afraid, these mountains are not as high as those in the Alps or the Pyrenees, so the routes here are suitable for a large audience.

Roussillon Ochre Route​

View of Roussillon 

The fourth Provence hiking trail we want to offer you will take you through the beautiful ocher landscapes of Roussillon. The town of Roussillon is often considered rather short of historic and architectural views, but it compensates for it with numerous hiking routes in natural landscapes surrounded by the ocher ore, which is the origin of the name of “the Colorado of Provence”. The most popular route in this area is the Sentier des Ocres or Chaussée des Géants. This route begins in the city itself and is signposted all the way. There is a shorter version of the route, which lasts 35 minutes and is marked with yellow signs; and a longer version, 50 minutes long, which is marked in red, although in general both are quite accessible for all hikers.

The Van Gogh Hiking Route

View of the Van Gogh Route

Finally, you can not miss the hiking route around Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. This village is in the heart of the Alpilles and the route around it is easy and accessible, as it has good signage and wide roads in good condition. The attraction of this particular route is that it will take you to see the Rock with Two Holes (Le Rocher des Deux Trous) that Van Gogh painted in his painting “Les Oliviers” in 1890. Enjoy the beautiful views of the Mediterranean and the Mont Ventoux before returning to Saint-Rémy-de -Provence for that circular hiking route in Provence.

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  • Tore Mellem 19/09/2021 21:07:11
    I am looking for hiking trails i the mountains near Nice, e.g. in the Prealps D'Azur, for walking in the autumn. Can you reccomend anything?
  • Renfe-SNCF en Coopération 20/09/2021 10:00:11
    Thanks to read our blog. For other routes, we suggest you consult the official website of the Tourist Office of Nice: https://en.nicetourisme.com/
  • Jeanne M 29/03/2022 01:49:38
    I would like to hike the following towns in Mid July. Bonnieux, Roussillon, Gordes and Loumarin, Fance. What available trails near Loumarin? Has anyone hiked in July and are many hking trails closed?

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