​​We were not aware of the existence of the Ile de la Barthelasse. And we had already been to Avignon on a couple of occasions. The next step was to search for information until we found it. This time the treasure hunt was to find the island. Would you like to join us on this journey? Aft​er reading this, you're sure to book your seat on the Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation ​​​train to Avignon.


Avignon is known for its historical ensemble and especially for the Palais des Papes and its famous bridge. Recently, it has become possible to stay in the magnificent Palais. A m​ajestic experience. Can you imagine sleeping in a palace? And not just any palace.

After sleeping like kings, either in the Palace or in any of the excellent accommodation available in Avignon, we prepare our backpacks to leave for the island of Barthelasse.

Cycling through the island's farmland - Photo Ph.Bonfiglio

We cross the Édouard Daladier bridge or, if we prefer, we can choose to cross the river with the free ferry service. To go all the way around the island, the best way is by bicycle. It is completely flat and there are exclusive lanes for bicycles. We will enjoy the agricultural environment, the small animals that inhabit the island such as beavers, hedgehogs and of course a multitude of birds such as herons and mallard ducks, to name but a few. When we feel like having a rest, there are places for a well-deserved picnic with a privileged view over the historic centre of Avignon.

Monuments and nature intermingle on our ride.

Once we have recovered, we get back on the pedals to cycle around the largest river island in Europe. During the excursion we have the opportunity to pass by the castle of Barthelasse, the cemetery and the cultivated fields.

It is easy to rent bikes in Avignon. Some accommodations offer this service and there are also two companies that offer both electric and classic bikes: South Spirit and Provence Bike. And for those who prefer walking the route takes 2 hours, a pleasant stroll surrounded by nature. It has been a real discovery, an island surrounded by the Rhône full of life.


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